Options for Exploring the Catalonia Region in Spain

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Barcelona can be a great place to visit on holiday but if you want to escape city life, there are many other places to go in the Catalonia region of Spain. Catalonia borders the Mediterranean Sea so if you want a relaxing holiday, you could spend your time laying out in the sun and having romantic walks along the beaches. However, there are other cities to visit and activities to enjoy in the Catalonia region.

Girona, Spain

After flying into the Barcelona airport, take a short drive north to the city of Girona. While it is less crowded than Barcelona, it is not a small village as it is home to over 100,000 residents. Start your day by visiting the Eiffel bridge, which was built a year prior to the Eiffel Tower in Paris by the same man.

If you’re a fan of colourful architecture, the scene from the bridge should make a great start to your day. There are rows of colourful houses that were once the walls of the city. For history buffs, a walk through the Jewish quarter and a visit to the Jewish museum will reveal much of the area’s history prior to the Middle Ages, which was when the Jews were pushed out of Girona.

As with any other city in Spain, there are many tavernas to choose from for lunch. You can explore markets to try local food items, buy souvenirs, or have an ice cream while taking a break from touring the city. You can either book accommodations in Girona or go to nearby Costa Brava on the coast of Spain.

Hiking Catalonia

There are many options for hiking along the shores of the Mediterranean, including exploring the area on your own during the day or booking one of several walking holidays in Spain. A self-guided tour of the Catalonia coast will last five to seven nights and allow you to visit both the scenic coastline and walk mountain trails in the Pyrenees. You can spend time finding ancient ruins, try the region’s unique food dishes, and discover new wines.

Most of the hikes on a Catalonia walking tour only last four to five hours, which gives you plenty of time to explore the area to discover shops, tavernas, and gothic architecture. Since the tours are self-guided, you can go off the beaten path if you like as long as you check in at your nightly destination. You needn’t worry about your luggage as it will be transferred to the next stop for you; you just need to take a small rucksack with some supplies on the hikes.

Whether you’re exploring Girona or walking along the pathways in Cadaques, you should wear sturdy and comfortable shoes with ankle supports. You don’t want to ruin your holiday by twisting an ankle on a cobblestone street or stumbling over rocks in the mountains. There will be ample opportunity to toss aside the shoes and sink your toes into the warm sands along the Spanish coast during your time in Spain.

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