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Marmaris Historical Tours

If you are into history so much, and you want to take a look from the gem from the past, you can always participate in the historical tour package around Marmaris. Marmaris is definitely a modern place with a touch of sophistication and perfection. However, the place has its own history where you can learn about the past. Feel free to Marmaris Excursions and explore the ancient buildings or take a look around its historical landmarks if you want to know more about the place.


Although there are many modern resorts in Marmaris, they don’t represent the real Turkish value and culture. Come to the ancient villages and learn about its traditions, culture, and rituals. Not only you can observe the natural and real life of the people, you can also interact with them. The local people are friendly and they like talking to visitors.

This tour is perfect for you if you want to enjoy the peace of the surroundings while escaping the busy and hectic scenery of the city lives. The tour lasts for seven hours, which is pretty enough to allow you enjoy the scenic and natural atmosphere. Besides the pick up and drop off, you can also enjoy nice lunch on the traditional restaurant and have relaxing evening on your way back to your hotel. You can also have a professional guide who is fluent in German, Dutch, and English.


These places are the main attraction in the tour holiday package. You can enjoy various relics from the ancient times – they can’t be found in any museums. You can also see various sculptures, monuments, and many more. Both Ephesus and Pamukkale are wonderful to explore around. The natural white cliff in Pamukkale is just remarkable, and so are the ancient cemeteries and Cleopatra bath. Words can’t describe the beauty and majesty of the places. You will be spending a night, but everything has been covered and included within the tour price.

You will visit Ephesus on the first day. Be prepared to visit cool places like Temple of Artemis. After Ephesus, you will have a break and stay at the provided hotel. You will visit Pamukkale on the next day, most likely visiting the majestic white cliff, the natural hot springs, and even Cleopatra’s pool. You will have a break for lunch, and you should return to Marmaris on the evening, feeling contented and happy. Care to try it?


Random Travel Necessities Which Are Generally Overlooked

Holiday tours are a perfect time to relax and to make the most of the leisure moments. Each one of us tries to plan for a perfect vacation and leaves no stone unturned regarding the preparations of the same. To enjoy your holiday travel, you need to be prepared for any situation that may come up and cause you inconvenience later. So, we bring to you a list of travel essentials which serve a specific purpose and can prove to be quite useful if the need arises, avoiding any last minute emergency.


It is a safety measure to keep all your money, passport and cards secure. Keep only a day’s worth money in your pockets, so that even if you are pick pocketed, you are not robbed of some exceptionally important belongings.


If you are not willing to carry full sized packs of lotions, shampoos or any of your make-up, you can always carry a required quantity of them in tiny, travel sized containers which are very convenient to carry. You can also carry any essential tablets or medicines in them, without feeling the need to carry the entire pack.


Women generally carry stoles or scarves in contrast with their dresses. Carrying a large one can solve the purpose of a blanket to cover yourself on chilly airports. Also, you are never sure about the weather conditions of a new place. In that case, a scarf can always come to your rescue.


While on a trip, you may happen to use someone else’s towel or may exchange clothes. Also, a possibility is that your travel bag may be a breeding place for germs and microbes which may end up on the clothes you wear. Such possibilities, often not noticed, are a major reason for contagious jock itch especially in women. Natural anti fungal Defense soap bar can help you prevent any infections of the skin.


These tiny objects can solve great purposes when in need. There are endless possibilities where you can need them. Moreover, they won’t take much space in your bag.


After a night long travel, you may end up looking exhausted. If you keep these handy, you can look fresh any time without much effort. You can also remove the make up easily. Whenever you are out, having a fun time in a new place, you may not have access to a wash room. So, to do away with a tiring, dull look, miniaturizing facial wipes such as antifungal tea tree oil cleansing wipes can be put into use to shine in all of your pictures.


While travelling, you come in contact with various public utilities, from where, you may come in contact with some uninvited germs. Eating with such hands or touching your face with them, can be even more risky. So, it is always advisable to carry a hand sanitizer with you while you travel. It is a healthy habit.


You don’t want to be running around in an unknown place looking for a medical store in case of any emergency. So, it is a wise decision.

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Go On A Thrilling Tour Of Marmaris And Learn To Enjoy

Our daily routine is usually very boring. Attending meetings, handling customers, working on spreadsheets and doing household chores, each day is filled with monotonous tasks that leave us craving for some adventure. Won’t it be nice if you get a chance to go off the beaten track and do something thrilling? Come to Marmaris and enjoy an adventurous vacation here.


This is a place where you can enjoy a lot with your family and friends. The resort town on the Mediterranean packs a lot of surprises. As for example, you can go for a jeep safari in Marmaris. These safaris come with a guide and lunch. The jeeps take you through the rolling Turkish mountains and meadows and offer unspoiled views. You ride on dusty roads, pass through local villages and even drive over brooks. You occasionally get glimpses of rare birds and small animals that add to the thrill.

The safari takes you through local villages where you can enjoy Turkish lunch. The best part is you can witness fish netting and enjoy those fishes prepared by the locals.The safari also covers the Turgut waterfall which is just spectacular. There are beaches also where you can swim.

Want more thrills in your life? Go for a quad bike safari in Marmaris. Yes, ride on the riverbeds and into the forest to enjoy the pristine beauty of Turkish landscapes. You can also race on practice tracks while coming back from the safari. Give yourself enough challenges to make your Marmaris tour worth remembering.

Had enough of mountains? Let’s go for a boat ride now. Dalyan is a famous tourist spot near Marmaris. The boat ride takes you by the Lycian Coast where you can see the rock cut tombs of the Kaunos’s kings. However, Dalyan is more famous for its mud baths. Yes, you would have a lovely time playing in the mud and later on bathing in the hot springs. The Turtle Beach is another attraction where you can see loggerhead turtles. Enjoy your lunch on board with the Mediterranean breeze caressing you.

If you feel tired by all these activities, go for a Turkish night extravaganza and enjoy the traditional music and dance along with food. These parties are organized by almost all the hotels and are a must experience if you visit Marmaris.

Marmaris can lift your spirit and make you want to live more. It will infuse in you more energy to life fuller. So go for a thrilling tour of Marmaris and have a blast.Please visit for more information.

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Best Sailing Destinations In Europe

Europe has some of the most breath-taking coastal lines in the world. Chartering a boat and sailing it round Europe can be an ideal holiday as you sail crystal clear waters and captivating scenery. If you haven’t got a boat of your own, peer to peer websites will suggest yacht rental companies in the area you choose.

Here is a selection of fantastic destinations to sail to and around:

Dalmation Coast, Croatia

This part of Europe, often hailed as the ‘New Greece’ and ‘New Riviera’ offers everything from historic villages to perfectly clear waters. With easy sailing paths and plenty of opportunities to stop and take in the sights in this beautiful part of the Adriatic coast. Take advantage of the array of islands that offer everything from the upmarket Hvar the tradition Vis islands and secluded Kornati and Elafiti. Croatia offers a traditional Europe feel and the backdrop of colossal mountains will leave you with lasting memories.

French Riviera

Considered one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in Europe, this location has everything to offer. From glamorous Saint Tropez to the glitzy Cannes, sail through the worlds most revered sailing hubs. Take some nice looking clothes, pretend you are a celebrity and make the most of this glitzy location.

-Saronic Islands, Greece

Greece is well known for their hospitality, making this the perfect spot to take in a lively atmosphere. Along with perfect snorkelling spots and fantastic historical locations to visit, makes the Saronic islands ideal to experience warm European culture. The locations are also in short distance from one another, so there is no need for long sailing legs!

Dorset and East Devon Coast, England

Otherwise known as the Jurassic Coast, the UK features over 95 miles of ancient coastline with rock formations estimating at 185 million years old. The coast stretches from East Devon to Dorset and holds some of the country’s most fascinating sights such as Durdle Door, Lulworth cove and a range of historic villages.

Sardinia Italy

Take in the sight of sparkling blue waters, easy to sail passages and lively villages in this beautiful part of the country. Sail from Portisco to Coasta Smeralda and take in the breath taking sights of golden beaches, ideal for sun bathing and the clear waters, perfect for swimming.

Balearic Islands, Spain

Known for popular holiday destinations such as Mallorca, Menorca and Formentara, the islands are ideal for a quiet get away. Take in the culture from the cluster of quant villages scattered across the islands and lie on the sun drenched beaches while the kids splash around in the turquoise sea. The Balearic Islands has something for every member of the family.

With so many exciting destinations on offer, there is something for everyone. Contact a travel advisor, or ask an expert from your yacht rental service for more information on travel destinations. Always ensure that you are well equipped for travel however remember each Marina or port will be able to fully service your yacht for peace of mind.

Harry Price is a free-lance writer and personal trainer. He enjoys guest blogging and travelling the country.


Best Adrenaline Rush Travel Destinations

Traveling to a place, any place, where you can relax, lie on the beach, read your magazines, go sightseeing and do nothing, is quite great! For people who work 24/7, this is just the thing they need. Alas, there is a problem – does that sound a little bit boring? Doing nothing is quite all right, but what about those who prefer jumping, running, being crazy and active on their vacations? What is an adrenaline junkie to do when asked to do nothing? Well, there are some destinations in the world where you can combine your holiday and adventurous spirit and get the best of both worlds. There, you are given plenty of opportunities to explore your wild side, yet still remain in the “vacation mood” all along. Here are some of the suggestions you might want to take into consideration.


After a spectacular wedding, you must have an even better honeymoon to start your married life in the best way possible. And what better way than going on an adventurous honeymoon in Africa? This is just one of many possible honeymoon destinations for these kinds of couples, but it might be the most daring one. Africa is just like nothing you have ever seen, definitely!

Among other things to do here, you can go on gorilla trekking, kayaking, hiking, mountaineering, balloon riding, horseback riding, scuba diving and even hunting in special game reserves. Depending on which region you choose, Africa will also prove to be good for your health as the air here is much cleaner than in overcrowded cities.


If you are a true thrill seeker, you must consider visiting Norway. This wonderful Scandinavian country is rarely known for its tourism world-wide and people usually ignore it thinking that the temperatures are too low and the winds too harsh, but this is far from the truth. Norway has a lot of natural beauty and manages to make the most of it – that is why it has become one of the base jumping capitols of the world.

Besides various other options available all over the country – fishing, hiking, skiing, safari, rafting and even dog sledding! – Norway’s Kjerag mountain provides novice and expert base jumpers a chance to follow their passion. Set about 3,500 feet above the Lysefjord fjord, this mountain’s peaks are a challenge only the bravest can endure.


Even though skydiving is similar to base jumping, this Dubai-based adventure will be diametrically opposed to what you can experience in Norway. Why? Because of the setting! Dubai is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and skydiving above it will give you a view no other place can match. But, this escapade is not for everyone.

Diving from 13 thousand feet may not seem too hard at first, but it does require a certain level of physical and mental preparedness. In order to fully enjoy the view of Dubai’s Palm Islands, you must be ready and, if you feel you might not be, be sure to contact a personal fitness trainer from Dubai who will get you into shape in no time. But, your efforts will pay off in the end – this is a unique experience that you are going to wish to repeat over and over again!


Depending on how adventurous you are, some of the other things you could consider are cliff diving in Mexico’s Acapulco Beach, white water rafting in Chile and volcano boarding in Nicaragua, as well as adventure parks in various USA cities. All of these will boost your adrenaline and make you appreciate nature, and your own life, even more.


An Epic Journey – Top Tips For Cycling From London To Paris

If you are planning to cycle from London to Paris for a charity challenge fundraiser, you are in for a big adventure. This amazing ride will be a physical challenge as well as a mental one, but when you arrive at your destination you will feel incredibly proud of yourself for what you have accomplished. Also, by doing the London to Paris cycle charity challenge you will have raised a lot of money to support a good cause.

So how can you make sure that cycling from London to Paris goes as smoothly as possible? Here are some helpful tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Start training your body as soon as you find out that you are going on a long distance London to Paris ride. Get yourself into a good state of physical fitness, so that you will be able to tackle the challenging ride.
  • Give your bike a thorough inspection and make sure that it is functioning well. It should be adjusted to the right height for you and all of the gears and wheels should be clean and well maintained.
  • Make sure that you are eating a healthy and balanced diet in the days leading up to the bike ride and that you are avoiding heavy food, nicotine and alcohol.
  • Get the right safety clothing for your cycling trip. You should always wear a helmet and bright reflective clothing and you should have lights on your bike if it is dark.
  • It is also important to think about the temperature and whether you will need arm warmers, gloves and a hat while you are cycling.
  • Make sure that you get plenty of rest and recovery when you are training and that you get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Without this rest it is difficult to train effectively.
  • Take enough food and water on the ride with you and make sure that you are keeping your body fuelled. If you start eating when you are already hungry your stores of carbohydrates in your body will have fallen too much.
  • Stay hydrated! It is very important to drink at least 0.5 litres of water for every hour that you are cycling so that you do not run the right of dehydration when you are on the long distance bike ride.
  • Prepare enough spare change in both pounds and Euros and make sure that you have a bank card so that you can withdraw more cash if you need it.
  • Take a supply of adequate clothing for the number of days that you will be travelling. Bring layers so that you can adjust your clothing to the weather conditions.
  • Bring along a puncture repair kit just in case you need to make a repair to your bike when you are on the road.
  • An extra bike chain might also come in handy, you never know when you might need it.
  • It is also a good idea to have a first aid kit with you, which includes cold compresses, heat packs, sterile gauze, scissors, pain killers and bandages. If you hurt yourself on the road you can patch it up until you get to the next town where you can wash it carefully and get better medical care.
  • Proper route planning is important. If you are riding on a charity cycling journey from London to Paris you will likely be travelling with a large group and the route will be already laid out for you – but if you are attempting the trip on your own you will need to plan out the best route for getting there safely and efficiently.
  • Make sure that you factor in enough time for taking appropriate breaks and stops. This allows you to drink some water, eat some food, inspect your bike and catch your breath so that you don’t get too exhausted on the trip.
  • Bring cream for saddle sores – the rubbed raw skin that develops on your bottom and thighs when you are sitting in a bike seat for too long.

These are just a few very important tips to keep in mind when you are taking on a long distance charity event challenge ride from London to Paris. It’s a long and difficult journey, but with the right preparation your trip will go as smoothly as possible. Of course, the most important thing to remember is to have fun!

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5 Most Exciting Things To Do In The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast provides tourists who reside within and outside Australia with amazing attractions. In fact it has become a unique location for holiday makers and people seeking for a splendid place for relaxation and excitement. In addition to providing visitors with a variety of theme parks, there are scores of beautiful well-kept beaches, diving spots, whale watching sites, restaurants and dining spots that offer excellent service. When you come to the Gold Coast, here are some fun-filled activities you can engage in.

See the Whales Playing

Whale watchers come to the Gold Coast every year because it offers excellent views of migratory whales every year. Annually, from May to November, you can see the whales as they move to the eastern coast of the country. While the whales are seeking for a place that has a warmer temperature, you will be able to go on a tour boat and watch them as they come close to the shore to play. Marine experts believe that over 10,000 whales move to the shores of the eastern coast, to play, rest, and feed as they proceed towards the Great Barrier Reef.

Visit a National Park

The Gold Coast has several world-class national parks with some of them attaining World Heritage Status. The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the popular places to see great wildlife, view the scenic coastline and explore the rain forest. Within this well preserved park, you can see thousands of bird and animal species, including a variety of snakes, koalas, parrots, kangaroos and lorikeets. This national park has an efficient rail transport system that can take you and your family around. There are also several overhead rope paths and suspended bridges in the thick forest canopy that give you the opportunity to catch a glimpse of what is going on underneath.

Go to a Theme Adventure Park

Visitors to the Gold Coast are usually impressed by the quality of adventure parks available for relaxation, recreation, and for participation in exciting rope courses and zip-lines. Some of the theme parks are located within the environment of the national park. The zip-lines and rope courses enable you to travel over lakes and groups of wild animals including dingoes, snakes, and in some cases, jaw-snapping crocodiles. These parks have modern outdoor entertainment facilities and they are operated by well-trained support staff and supervisors. Each park has something to offer each member of the family from age 5 and older.

Visit the Scenic Beaches

Blessed with a beautiful coastline that extends for over 56 kilometres, the Gold Coast offers visitors so many serene, clean, attractive and outstanding beaches. Most visitors cannot explore up to one-third of the beauty and splendour of these beaches during their first and second visits. There are well-defined walking tracks, life guards and committed locals who take care of these beaches. Top-notch cafes and restaurants provide excellent cuisine and dining places. Some of the most popular beaches in the Gold Coast include: Broad beach, Coolangatta, Currumbin, Duranbah, Main Beach, Nobby Beach, Palm Beach and Surfers’ Paradise.

Go on a Jet Boat Ride

Instead of taking a normal sea cruise, you can take a jet boat ride and explore the aquatic splendour of the Gold Coast. On these rides, you can see the majestic skyline of the city, view nearby islands and see the beautiful structures along the coastline. Several stunts including spinning and drifting are usually performed by the boat riders in the bright sunshine, so be prepared for increased flow of adrenaline and come with comfortable sunglasses. Within the short rides which usually last for about an hour or less, you can view various landmarks including the Island of South Stradbroke, the Sea World theme park, and other impressive structures.


5 Budget-Friendly Travel Tips for College Students

There’s no better time for travel than during your college years. Most students have yet to start a career or family, not to mention take on financial burdens like a mortgage, so you have very little holding you back.

Okay, there is one little problem. Travel can be expensive and college students are notoriously short on cash, what with the cost of tuition, books, and living expenses to contend with and school taking up time you might otherwise spend working and earning money.

The good news is that you can find ways to save money on travel when you’re working with a budget. Here are a few budget-friendly travel tips every college student can take advantage of.

Airline Miles

If you’re using a credit card as a means of building your credit rating while you’re in college, you might as well get the most from every purchase by choosing a card designed to help you travel.

Obviously, you need to behave responsibly when it comes to utilizing credit – if you overspend you really won’t save money because you’ll pay extra in interest. However, if you’re using a credit card for items you’d otherwise pay for in cash, get more from every dollar spent by earning points that can be used toward airline tickets, hotel rooms, or other travel expenses.

The money you spend on tuition, books, and other living expenses could help you to pay for visits back home or even trips overseas. With proper planning, you can find the right credit card and use it accordingly.

Student Discounts

Did you know that there are travel websites that cater specifically to student interested in travel? Sites like StudentUniverse and STA Travel are geared toward providing the best rates on flights, hotels, and more to students.

Not only will you find great prices year-round, but you may also get special deals for holidays and spring break, just for example, and some sites even offer mobile apps to make booking and tracking travel easy. Before you arrange your trip, seek out websites that are geared toward student travelers if you want to find the best discounts.

Flexible Dates and Locations

If you want the opportunity to cut your travel costs significantly, one of the best methods is to keep your dates flexible. Prices can fluctuate by month and even day, and a willingness to shuffle dates can lower costs by an incredible margin.

Being flexible about your location can make a difference as well. Keep an eye on your favorite travel websites to see what kinds of specials they’re offering and you could end up traveling to an amazing locale you never even thought of visiting.

All-inclusive Packages

The cost for all-inclusive travel packages can seem steep, but when you start adding up what you’ll spend for travel, lodgings, transportation, food, and entertainment during your trip, you’ll see how much you stand to save by paying a fixed price up front.

Study Abroad

There’s almost no better way to travel in college than with a study abroad program. You should first check to see if the University of Cincinnati (or your school of choice) has a program in place, complete with sister schools around the globe.

Often, this type of program means that you continue to pay your regular tuition while you’re overseas. You may stay in dorms or with a host family, you’ll have an entire semester to explore a new city, country, and culture, and you’ll keep working toward a degree in the meantime. For students that want to see the world, there are few options that are more beneficial and cost-effective.