5 Most Exciting Things To Do In The Gold Coast


The Gold Coast provides tourists who reside within and outside Australia with amazing attractions. In fact it has become a unique location for holiday makers and people seeking for a splendid place for relaxation and excitement. In addition to providing visitors with a variety of theme parks, there are scores of beautiful well-kept beaches, diving spots, whale watching sites, restaurants and dining spots that offer excellent service. When you come to the Gold Coast, here are some fun-filled activities you can engage in.

See the Whales Playing

Whale watchers come to the Gold Coast every year because it offers excellent views of migratory whales every year. Annually, from May to November, you can see the whales as they move to the eastern coast of the country. While the whales are seeking for a place that has a warmer temperature, you will be able to go on a tour boat and watch them as they come close to the shore to play. Marine experts believe that over 10,000 whales move to the shores of the eastern coast, to play, rest, and feed as they proceed towards the Great Barrier Reef.

Visit a National Park

The Gold Coast has several world-class national parks with some of them attaining World Heritage Status. The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the popular places to see great wildlife, view the scenic coastline and explore the rain forest. Within this well preserved park, you can see thousands of bird and animal species, including a variety of snakes, koalas, parrots, kangaroos and lorikeets. This national park has an efficient rail transport system that can take you and your family around. There are also several overhead rope paths and suspended bridges in the thick forest canopy that give you the opportunity to catch a glimpse of what is going on underneath.

Go to a Theme Adventure Park

Visitors to the Gold Coast are usually impressed by the quality of adventure parks available for relaxation, recreation, and for participation in exciting rope courses and zip-lines. Some of the theme parks are located within the environment of the national park. The zip-lines and rope courses enable you to travel over lakes and groups of wild animals including dingoes, snakes, and in some cases, jaw-snapping crocodiles. These parks have modern outdoor entertainment facilities and they are operated by well-trained support staff and supervisors. Each park has something to offer each member of the family from age 5 and older.

Visit the Scenic Beaches

Blessed with a beautiful coastline that extends for over 56 kilometres, the Gold Coast offers visitors so many serene, clean, attractive and outstanding beaches. Most visitors cannot explore up to one-third of the beauty and splendour of these beaches during their first and second visits. There are well-defined walking tracks, life guards and committed locals who take care of these beaches. Top-notch cafes and restaurants provide excellent cuisine and dining places. Some of the most popular beaches in the Gold Coast include: Broad beach, Coolangatta, Currumbin, Duranbah, Main Beach, Nobby Beach, Palm Beach and Surfers’ Paradise.

Go on a Jet Boat Ride

Instead of taking a normal sea cruise, you can take a jet boat ride and explore the aquatic splendour of the Gold Coast. On these rides, you can see the majestic skyline of the city, view nearby islands and see the beautiful structures along the coastline. Several stunts including spinning and drifting are usually performed by the boat riders in the bright sunshine, so be prepared for increased flow of adrenaline and come with comfortable sunglasses. Within the short rides which usually last for about an hour or less, you can view various landmarks including the Island of South Stradbroke, the Sea World theme park, and other impressive structures.


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