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Top 10 attraction of Lodz by ITS DMC Poland

Lodz is the third biggest city in Poland located in the very centre of the country. It has almost 700 thousand inhabitants but for many years was not included in any sightseeing itineraries. It was because of the fact that Lodz was considered as a grey and ugly post-industrial city with its golden age in the times of industrial revolution. At that time the city was the centre of Polish textiles industry and later on it became Polish cinematography capital. Fortunately, this image is no longer true and nowadays, Lodz fascinates with the new post-industrial monuments and attractions. Discover this very changed face of Lodz with ITS DMC Poland local travel agent that prepared for us the top 10 attractions of this surprising city.

Top 10 attraction of Lodz by ITS DMC Poland:

  1. EC1 Lodz
  2. Orientarium (will be opened in September 2021)
  3. Piotrkowska Street
  4. White Factory – Central Museum of Textile Industry
  5. Izrael Pozna
  6. n
  7. ski Palace
  8. Herbst Palace
  9. Radegast Station
  10. Manufactura Centre
  11. Księży Młyn District
  12. Rose Passage

Most recent attractions of Lodz

In the recent years Lodz invested a lot to change the face of the city. The flagship of new attractions is EC1 Centre with Science Museum and the most modern Planetarium in the country. Another huge investment is the Orientarium. The construction of it in the Lodz Zoo has been going on since 2018. It will feature a collection of Southeast Asian flora and fauna and will be the second oceanarium in Poland. It is estimated that after opening in September 2021, it will be visited by 1.5 million visitors annually and will become as popular as Wroclaw’s Africarium. One more interesting attraction of the city is the artistic installation Rose Passage in one of the tenement houses of the most famous Lodz’s boulevard Piotrkowska Street. It is a mirror installation showing how visually challenged people can perceive the world.

Industrial revolution commemoration

For decades industrial revolution defined the way how Lodz looked like and how it developed. Nowadays, we can admire the vigour and magnitude of the enterprises in Lodz in many post-industrial monuments. Ksiezy Mlyn district shows how huge and complex workers abodes became. The area is currently under revitalization process and will soon become one of the most recognized parts of the city. Manufactura Centre is a trade and culture centre located in the revitalized factory, readily visited by tourists and inhabitants. The White Factory is a modern museum of textiles industry. Tourists can also admire the tycoon palaces that nowadays are museums: Izrael Poznanski Palace (city’s museum) and Herbst Palace (museum of interior design).

Jewish heritage

The development of Lodz was tightly connected to Lodz factory owners and city forefathers, many of them were Jewish. Before WWII Jewish community in the city accounted for about 230 thousand which was about 1/3 of the city population. The Jewish community of Lodz was practically completely exterminated during World War II. The Jews were beaten, tortured and murdered. Their synagogues were demolished and their property plundered. Most of the ghetto’s population was murdered during the so-called “Displacements” to the Kulmhoff and Auschwitz-Birkenau Death Camps. Nowadays, tourists and citizens cherish their memory at Radegast Station (railway monument devoted to the victims) and Survivors’ Park and Mark Edelman Centre for Dialogue.

Summing up, there is this vital thing to state, contemporary Lodz is a completely different place that it used to be even a dozen or so years ago. Nowadays, it is inviting and interesting for travellers and tourists that should at least plan 1- or 2-day trips there. It tells the fascinating story of how vivid city with a strong character developed during the industrial revolution period then coped with two totalitarian regimes of Nazism and Communism. It underwent a difficult period of system change and now blooms again with a new strength and force. If any of the above-mentioned places caught your interest, feel free to contact ITS DMC Poland group specialists that will happily help to organize your group stay in Poland.

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5 Must Have Pieces Of Equipment You Need For Carp Fishing

In case you are completely new to the world of carp fishing then it is quite obvious that you would be in darkness regarding the equipment that you are going to need. Here is some of the equipment that you are going to require for carp fishing.

Fishing rods

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, fishing rods are important for fishing. When investing in carp fishing rods, make sure that those are about twelve to thirteen feet long so that you can comfortably handle it. Also, if the area where you often visit for fishing has overhanging trees, then it is certainly a good idea to invest in twelve feet rods.

Apart from that, when buying make sure to check that the rod is flexible and the weight also matters. Ideally, the 2.75 test curve is the best. If you need a weighty rod than the previous one, then you should opt for the rods that are three pounds.

Unhooking mats

Fishing reservoirs always require angler along with unhooking mats. This makes sure that when removing the fish, it does not get any damage. Just like the carp fishing rods, unhooking mats are of extreme importance for the fishing reservoirs. Few reservoirs even instruct taking the carp closer to unhooking mats.

It is important to understand that this is a crucial gear if you are targeting to catch large carp. When buying unhooking mats, make sure to choose only those that are thick, and are well padded since it will last long.

Bite indicator

Anglers should always have bite indicators as this device lets you know whether anything is happening on the other side of the rod. Apart from that, with the help of the bite indicators, you will be able to easily understand whether you have caught anything.

Plenty of models are available in the market, but you should wisely choose the right one that has a vibration sensor along with a magnetic wheel. Otherwise, you will be struggling when catching carps.

Tackle bag

A tackling bag is necessary since it will help you to keep all the required equipment all in one place. Make sure that the bag you are purchasing has enough space so that it can fit reels, baits, roads, etc. Even though you can use almost every bigger sized bag, fishing bags, especially with small pockets and opting for them, are the best idea.

Weigh scale

A weighing scale is required as it helps in determining the weight of the carps. Whenever you go out for carp fishing, you should always have a weighing scale so that you can keep a record of your catch for future reference.

Therefore, these are the five pieces of equipment that are necessary when you are planning to go on carp fishing.

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Luxurious and relaxing by the cabin charters

By the lodge, contracts were first mainstream with Dream Yacht Charter in the Seychelles – definitive heaven. We refined the involvement in our faithful charterers in Europe, and now have a bigger number of alternatives for by the lodge contracts than some other brand. This sort of contract makes for the perfect cruising excursion. It’s appropriate for everybody, regardless of whether you don’t have a clue how to sail, or you just need to unwind and encounter life onboard a manned extravagance yacht. Each individual from your family will make the most of their customized understanding onboard one of our experience cruising contracts.

Lease a lodge with your private washroom, similarly as you can on a voyage transport. Rather than a thousand new colleagues, you’ll simply have a couple of new companions. Our expert team deals with the cruising, and a culinary specialist readies your dinners from new nearby items. Once in a while, our teams even catch new Tuna or Mahi-Mahi directly from the sailboat. You’ll leave all the baffling parts of life behind and embrace a progressively laid-back pace: one that permits you to you follows the rhythms of the ocean and tropical exchange winds. The sailboat’s shallow draft considers access to private safe havens and extraordinary swimming spots that huge voyage boats can just fantasy about imparting to their travelers, making it a cruising experience you’ll always remember. Please check the website and know the information.

Itineraries and Activities

The agendas offer you the chance to join the land visit chronicled towns-and the most delightful characteristic narrows to swim around. With our Traditional Wooden Gulets, you will think that its simple to enter each inlet and port that Cruise Ships can’t. Swimming right off the gulet is an incredible inclination without sitting tight for a line for a modest pool. Aside from swimming in the “Blue Flagged” waters, you will locate the opportunity to investigate the excellent islands and drifts loaded with little and exquisite towns with incredible chronicled landmarks.

Even though you won’t remain much inside your lodges, lodges are agreeable and well prepared. Lodge Charters are being made with gulets that have 6 to 16 lodges. The entirety of your dinners will be served on board which is a piece of delectable Turkish and Greek Cuisine. For the most part, these will be the life-changing snapshots of chuckling and having a fabulous time out and out with your new companions.

Sailing the Caribbean

Set sail aboard the magnificent four-masted Sea Cloud to explore the lush islands and vibrant cultures of the Lesser Antilles. Hike in the mountainous rain forests of Dominica, discover an active volcanic crater in Saint Lucia and explore the idyllic Grenadines. If you have any details please check the sites

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Planning For Taronga Western Plains Zoo? Here’s a guide for you

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is one of the most visited attractions in Dubbo, Australia. If you are finally planning to visit the place with your friends and family, make sure you have all the information you need so that you can plan your approach accordingly. The Zoo is located about five hours from Canberra and Sydney which is why you need to make sure that you have pre-booked your accommodation Dubbo.

It is best to head for the zoo on a Friday, lunchtime to be exact so that you can wrap things up and head home by Monday early morning. The extra time will allow you to make the most out of the trip since you can enjoy all the beautiful spots that come along the way to the zoo.

When you finally reach your destination, be sure to take a group photo at the entrance to the zoo. After a long road trip, it is clear that your gang and you will be exhausted. Fret not, kick back and relax while sipping on a cup of coffee at the Savannah Visitor Plaza inside the zoo. It will be your first attraction within the zoo and your place to book the tickets while your loved ones enjoy the spectacle of spider monkey and lemurs going about their business.

How you can get around when inside the zoo?

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is known for its wide open spaces. It has about six kilometres of closed loop road along with several pathways for pedestrians so that anyone and everyone can explore the place as they wish to.

That being said, there are primarily three modes one can choose to get around while inside the zoo. They are:

  • By bike – The paved, wide roads are perfect for cyclists. You can take your bikes, leave the car/luggage and hop on for a healthy pedalling session.
  • By car – Since the road within the zoo is a closed loop, one can also get around within the zoo in their cars. Although it might be a bit hectic to do so since every time you are near an attraction, you would need to find a place to park and get out. That being said, to enjoy the attractions to their fullest, you need to have a relaxed mind and driving isn’t going to help, right?
  • By electric cart – The zoo has its own fleet of golf carts. It is indeed a relaxing experience for anyone with their family and friends. Although, the fleet is a small one and is operated in a first-come-first-serve way. Chances are really high that you will have a hard time getting onto one.

What animals you can see inside the zoo?

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is the perfect place for anyone who is looking forward to getting up, close and personal with wild animals. On top of that, it is best to pay attention to the feeding schedules for each animal as well as the keeper dialogues if you want to know more about an animal. That being said, the zoo is home to the following animals:

  • Hippopotamus
  • Otters
  • Oryx, Eland and Addax
  • Ostrich
  • Siamang Apes
  • White Rhinoceros and Black Rhinoceros
  • Cheetah

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is not your run-of-the-mill zoo. It can be considered as a neatly maintained, well-administered park with wild animals having the time of their lives within. It is a family-friendly establishment and a great place to take a weekend trip with your loved ones. Be sure to visit the place this weekend.

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Ways to Make your Airport Layovers Exciting

Flights with delays are frequently less expensive than non-stop flights, however notwithstanding the investment funds, numerous explorers will pay more to maintain a strategic distance from the additional time in the airplane terminal. Would we be able to point the finger at them? The possibility of lounging around in an air terminal for six hours between flights is just enigmatically more luring than a dental arrangement. Also, who might need to drag out their movement time more than would normally be appropriate, particularly when an oceanfront manor in Tahiti or an Amazon River voyage anticipates toward the finish of the excursion? Yet, regardless of their notoriety for being an essential underhandedness, delays don’t need to mean unlimited hours of watching the clock and sitting tight for your excursion to begin. Truth be told, a delay can be an essential piece of your excursion and, might we venture to state it, fun

  1. Work Out

In case you’re not timid about collapsing into descending puppy in broad daylight, pack a yoga tangle and work on your situations at the air terminal. A couple of minutes of profound breathing and extending is a fabulous method to get your blood streaming after a flight. Check your airplane terminal’s site to check whether it offers a yoga or wellness zone. San Francisco International Airport offers two committed charge free yoga rooms in Terminals 2 and 3, while Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport has a contemplation focus that is accessible to explorers at no cost. The calm corner of an air terminal parlor likewise fills in as a reasonable place to do some yoga if your airplane terminal doesn’t offer a suitable office.

Need to get some cardio in amid your delay? is a valuable site where you can look for wellness bases in or on air terminals in the U.S. furthermore, Canada. On the off chance that there’s no rec center in your airplane terminal, stuff a few sweats into your portable suitcase and go for a run around the terminals. This is best to do at an air terminal that offers shower offices — be kind of the individual who should sit inches far from your sweat-soaked armpits on the following flight.

  1. Leave the Airport

See the Sights Airplane terminals that offer quick and moderate transportation to the urban communities they serve are the best places for an air terminal delay experience. In urban communities like Amsterdam, Sydney, Washington D.C., Chicago and Toronto, voyagers can without much of a stretch take open transportation from the air terminal to the downtown area and spend a half-day investigating. You might need to center around a solitary fascination or neighborhood to spare travel time. Permit a lot of squirm space for activity, long airplane terminal security lines and different factors; we prescribe returning to the air terminal no less than two hours previously your next flight. Look at 6 Cool City Tours for Long Layovers to get thoughts and book you toronto airport limo.

  1. Rest

    A few explorers think dozing in the airplane terminal is stunning similar to mulling over the road particularly amid an overnight delay, while others have no apprehensions about dozing for a while on a terminal seat. One’s solace level relies upon various components, from individual experience to conditions in the air terminal in which you’re remaining. Numerous airplane terminals have assigned dozing segments or exceptional rest seats that make for effortless snoozing. Hong Kong International Airport, South Korea’s Incheon International Airport and Vancouver International Airport are a couple of real center points that offer comfortable parlor seats and cushioned seats on which explorers can completely extend. For more data about dozing in airplane terminals, look at Sleeping in, a phenomenal asset for languid voyagers.

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Get Out of the City: 3 Great Escapes from Auckland

Being the largest urban area in the country, Auckland is a buzzing and diverse cityscape with no end of things to see and do. With so much going on in the city it can be difficult to tear yourself away, but we all need to get out from time to time and escape the crowds. Luckily, Aucklanders are blessed with a plethora of beautiful natural landscapes only a stone’s throw away, so there are plenty of options to get into nature.

Getting Around

Some of the most beautiful rural destinations in New Zealand are in close proximity to Auckland, but how can you get to them? It’s no contest that the best way to get around is by car. Travelling by car gives you the freedom to come and go when you want and allows you to go off the beaten path. Many of us dream of owning a car but are stunted when it comes to buying one due to financial constraints. Whilst hiring a car is feasible every now and then, it is costly and doesn’t allow for much spontaneity. If you’re daydreaming about hitting the open road, why not look into a car loan. There are plenty of affordable options for car finance in Auckland, which could set you on the path to ownership in no time. Here are some great destinations within driving distance of Auckland which might encourage you to take the leap.

  1. Waitakere Ranges – The Waitakere Ranges offer a breath-taking natural landscape only a 30-minute drive from Auckland. With waterfalls, beaches and trails this is a great destination for outdoor activities. Take a walk along one of the many hiking trails to experience native rainforest and rugged coastlines, or hit the waves at some of the country’s best surf beaches. Here, you can pay homage to some of New Zealand’s most beautiful native flora and fauna, whilst a walk along the clifftops will really blow the cobwebs away.
  2. Coromandel – For something slightly further afield, Coromandel can be reached in a less than 3 hours’ drive from Auckland. Beautiful beaches and coves are punctuated by iconic rock formations for spectacular views. Head to Cathedral Cove for one of Coromandel’s most memorable sights, where you can kayak through the crystal waters and get up close to the rock formations. Only a short drive from here, you can also visit the famous Hot Water Beach. Here, you can dig a hole on the beach to create your very own natural hot tub. With so much to see, why not spend the whole weekend in Cormandel hopping from town to town.
  3. Waiheke Island – If you don’t have a car, there’s still something out there for you. Lying only a 40 minute ferry ride from Auckland, Waiheke Island provides the perfect escape from the city. When you get there, take a scenic walk along one of the island’s many trails or embark on a diving or sailing adventure. A benefit of not having to drive is that you can enjoy one or more of the island’s 30 wineries!

If you’re getting tired of city life, it may be time to start thinking about getting the car you’ve always dreamed of, and exploring some of the many incredible sights this country has to offer.

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Wallet-Friendly Ways To Truly Enjoy Australia

Going to Australia as a tourist requires a lot of preparation in advance. Unless you are from New Zealand, the trip will last long and cost pretty much. When they finally arrive in Australia, tourists are usually offered traditional routes: Sydney, Melbourne, Ayers Rock and the Reef. While those destinations are truly beautiful, Australia offers so many wonderful areas to be seen and enjoyed. What matters even more, you can save a lot of money if you stick to some unorthodox destinations.


Recommending the Sydney Harbor Bridge or the Opera House has become lame. Every sane tourist knows about those two landmarks. However, Royal Botanic Garden is a different story. Although it can often be seen in Sydney itineraries, this wonderful patch of nature in the middle of the city rush is so much more than a mere landmark. The entrance is free of charge and here you can make a break from those hyped and expensive Sydney attractions. What is more, at dusk you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Opera House and a wide palette of colors from the dying Sun above the Sydney Harbor.


Being in Sydney or Melbourne and not visiting the Great Barrier Reef would be a true miss. It is not that far away for Australian terms and it is not expensive to go snorkeling near the Reef. However, you should still be wiser than other tourists and not go along the usual route. Either way, you will have to fly to Cairns, but instead of choosing this town as your take-off spot for the Reef, you can use the Captain Cook Highway and go to the north of the Queensland to experience the Great Barrier Reef from Cape Tribulation or any smaller town in this area. It will save you from hectic tourists groups and show you the untouched beauty of the Reef.


If you want to see Sydney and Melbourne, as well as the Great Barrier Reef, going to Ayers Rock is completely out of your way. Although it is true that Uluru (its original name) is a breath-taking natural beauty, it would be too demanding and time-consuming to go almost another 2000 miles to see this rock. Luckily, there is an outback alternative. If you have already planned going to see the Reef, you should include the town of Chillagoe to your travel plan. It takes about three hours to get there from Cairns. Chillagoe offers you a unique insight into the Australian land, with kangaroos, snakes, koalas and all other animals that you would like to see in the outback. Also, there is Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park, where you can go round fantastic caves with most unusual shapes formed by limestone.


An alternative tourist route for Down Under must include South Australia, too. The center of this state is Adelaide. Although not as much praised among tourists as Sydney and Melbourne, this town is a great example of a true Australian lifestyle. Less invaded by tourists, it offers calm atmosphere and a plentitude of artistic places. When in Adelaide, you have to visit North Terrace and the Adelaide Festival Center, which are two most important artistic facilities in this town. If you have spent a whole day sightseeing and the night has already fallen, you can go to one of the bottle shops that are open late and taste some of the Australian drinks as a warm-up before you start an Adelaide bar quest.

Staying away from exploited attractions or at least visiting them in an alternative way will give you an opportunity to see the true Australia and why this country still among the most visited places in the world.

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Witness the Colourful Rajasthan at Chokhi Dhani

When you visit Rajasthan the majestic palaces, the mighty forts and the mysterious deserts leave you spell bind. Chokhi Dhani is a luxurious resort of Rajasthan where you can embrace the fairytale life of Rajasthan. Let us checkout some of the remarkable features of this resort.

Easily Accessible

The 5 star village resort of Chokhi Dhani is very near to the Jaipur railway station. Hence you need not travel a large distance after reaching Jaipur to get some rest after a long train journey. Chokhi Dhani is just 20 km from the railway station. As the bards narrate the gallant tales of the Rajput clan, boast of the rich culture and heritage of this royal state, you will crave to experience this regal life.

The Heritage

Chokhi Dhani is just not another 5 star hotel. It is a blend of contemporary with classical. While the rooms are exquisitely designed to replicate the suites of erstwhile kings and queens, the modern amenities ensure ultimate comfort.

Traditional Art

This luxury resort takes you back in time with cultural programmes. Various kinds of dance performances create a joy in the heart of the tourists. Ladies in stone studded ghangras and wearing large bangles and earrings dance Ghoomar, Kalbeliya and Chari. Tap your feet to the rhythm of the dance or get amazed as the ladies dance with several pots on head. The traditional fire show exhibit the courage of Rajasthan while the puppet shows portray the battles and romantic stories of the monarchs.

Camel Rides

This modrn village also offers you a gala time with camel rides. Explore the Thar Desert travelling on decorated camels or feel like a king as the decked up elephants take you up the hills. You can also ride on bullock carts and march on horses at Chokhi Dhani.

Historical Recreation

The artists of Chokhi Dhani also gifts you a thrilling vibe of the past enacting the famous battle of Haldighati. The battle was fought between the Mughals and the Rajput clan and is an important facet of Indian history. A version of Vaishno Devi temple and Rathkhana also enrich your visit. During these enactments you can see old chariots that were used during the battles. The National Museum of Chokhi Dhani brings to you all the important features of the various Indian states.


A visit to Rajasthan is incomplete without relishing its authentic cuisines. The master chefs of Chokhi Dhani brings to you the royal taste of Rajasthan. From the quintessential dal baati churma made from deshi ghee to the spicy laal maas, the platter is endless. Moreover, the taste of the food is enhanced in the way it is served.

What to Buy?

The Rajasthani puppets can make your kid smile while the adorable mehendi designs make you look like a queen. The handicrafts available at Chokhi Dhani can give a new look to your house while the leather shoes available here are both comfortable and exquisite. The printed boutique apparels, the rich paintings, costume jewellery and intricately designed wooden boxes, you will be spoilt for choices at Chokhi Dhani.

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The Best Places To Celebrate New Year, Ranked

Thailand is one of the most popular places to see in the New Year. Thailand offers a diverse choice of locations and events, from the full moon parties to family-orientated events and more intimate celebrations for the romantic at heart.

Central World Countdown in Bangkok is by far the biggest and well organized event in Thailand, attended by hundreds of thousands each year. The event is popular with locals, expats and tourists. The area around the mall is closed to traffic and is taken over by party goers into the early hours. There are ample bars, live music and street vendors, combining to make a real carnival atmosphere. The crowning glory is the magnificent firework display.

The Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya is 100 kilometers to the south and a couple of hours drive from Bangkok. Pattaya is famous for its diverse and interesting entertainment venues. Celebrations go on all night into the early hours along Beach Road but The Bali Hai Pier is the place to be.Customers staying along Pattaya beachfront hotels such as the Holiday Inn Pattaya and join in the New Year’s festivities and more.Free concerts and events throughout the evening keep you entertained until the spectacular firework display lights up the Pattaya skyline at midnight.

Pattaya Beach Road is the epicenter of the diverse nightlife and entertainment on offer in Pattaya. The road runs parallel to the beach in the city center, where you will find great hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Aside from those the road is aligned with street vendors and entertainers ensuring that the New Year celebrations will be spectacular.

Asiatique the Riverfront opened in 2012 and has already established itself as a main attraction in Bangkok and also one of best places to celebrate New Year. Asiatique boasts some excellent restaurants as well as many bars and restaurant chains. It also has many souvenir and boutique shops and of course the infamous Ferris wheel. As well as having a great party atmosphere it is an idea place for families.

Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand, is a very popular tourist resort with a relaxed and casual atmosphere and quaint old town. The countdown celebrations are centered on the old town with the ThaPhae Gate being the focal point. Despite being a much smaller city than Bangkok there is still a real party atmosphere with the highlight being the release of thousands of Chinese paper lanterns, which make spectacular sight as they illuminate the night sky.

The Chao Phraya River snakes its way through Bangkok and boasts many of the capital’s top hotels, which alight its banks offering fine dining and roof top bars. If you aren’t on a budget these are great places to celebrate, looking down on the city and along the busy river. If your budget doesn’t extend to a five star luxury, try one of the many restaurants or even one of the river cruises, all offering a great party atmosphere and a chance to see the spectacular firework displays all the top hotels provide.

Koh Phangan is party central all year with its monthly full moon parties. The Haad Rin Beach is where the party starts and goes on until dawn for the 30,000 crowd partying the night away. There are 12 sound systems set up along the beach with top DJs, guaranteeing a night to remember. These parties are lightly regulated and are the place to be for the hedonistic.

Patongon Phuket becomes party town on New Year’s Eve. The area along the beach and adjoining streets is the place to be. There are bars, street vendors and live entertainment everywhere you go, making for a carnival atmosphere enjoyed by the whole town. Fireworks seem to be going off all night and Chinese paper lanterns drift across the sky in a constant wave as you party the night away.

Khao San Road in Bangkok is a lively area of Bangkok, popular with backpackers and the younger crowd. On New Year’s Eve, the many nightclubs, bars and restaurants get even busier and the atmosphere is electric. If you enjoy crowds and bar-hopping, this is the place to be. Due to the high volume of venues the competition for patronage is fierce, and even on New Year, you can still get great deals on food and drink.

Wherever you intend to celebrate New Year in Thailand remember to book your accommodation and travel arrangements well ahead of the countdown. Despite Thailand seeming to have an excess of hotels to suit every budget, they are all full to capacity for the countdown, as tourists and Thais alike make party plans. Be assured you are guaranteed to have a new year to remember in a friendly and electric atmosphere at you chosen location in the land of smiles.

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Top 5 Places To Visit In India During Summer

Summers in India are very famous for the scorching heat but still there are certain destinations that are famous and are worth visiting in summer. India is famous for the snow clad mountains to the valleys in summers. Usually the hilly areas are preferred to visit in India in north and south. There are destinations which is favorite for many to visit in summer. The country is famous as it has the capability to beat the heat with some of the beautiful places.

  1. Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is a hill located at the height of 1372 meters above sea level in the blissful place that is to be visited during summer. There are various viewpoints in Mahabaleshwar that give the stunning views of the natural beauty and it gives the pleasurable feeling. The sunrise and sunset points are worth visiting. The place also cover strekking facilities and boating. You can easily get the basic facilities like resorts, food and transportation as it is one of the famous destinations to visit during summer. You can explore your visit with Yatra coupons and make your trip more special. Yatra is the largest hotel and flight network and using it you don’t need to spend much.

  1. Darjeeling

Darjeeling is one of the best places when nature’s beauty is considered. Moreover it is a hill station so visiting it in summers is very pleasurable. Darjeeling is surrounded with the tea plantations which are famous across the world for its beauty. Darjeeling also covers Himalayas and the views are remarkable there. It is fully filled with facilities of best hotels and the food is also great.

  1. Munnar

Munnar is in Kerala and it is the city that is blessed with the heavenly weather. It is situated at the elevation and is 6000 feet above the sea level. Munnar is the place which can is suitable to every type of people. It has the adventurous activities such as mountaineering, trekking and fishing and it also has rivers and other natural beauty. In India at many places there is scorching heat in summer and so this place is suitable in summer due to its weather. You can use the goibibo bus to travel easily and at discounted rates.

  1. Wayanad

Wayanad is a silent town in Kerala which is also known as Green Paradise. The weather and the hills make the place a perfect one for the summer vacation. The place has the bird sanctuary which is a major attraction and the other is the weather. All the facilities such as living, water, food, etc. are easily available in Wayanad.

  1. Dalhousie

Dalhousie is an area in Himachal Pradesh which is full of natural beauty. If you are searching for a place to visit in summer then Dalhousie is the right choice. The place has many hills and another attraction is the wildlife sanctuary. All the facilities are also available.

Natural beauty in India

India has a heated up atmosphere in summer but still it has the destinations that can be enjoyed in summers. India is filled up with natural beauty and some places have heavenly weather which makes visiting the places a good experience.