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Things to consider before hiring professional Taxi service

Professional Taxi service is used by many people in the world. When you’re traveling to a place or just going around, you can use taxicabs to travel. For business purposes, there are professional taxi services that you can hire. Some of these drivers have special cards and permits so they can operate their taxis, and some of them don’t.

Professional Taxi service is very important for many reasons and it can be an alternative to getting a cab. Whenever you need to get somewhere fast and cheap, the best way is by hiring a taxi service.

If you want to experience the best of your trip, then you should consider hiring a cab. You may think that it’s expensive but it’s not. You might only spend about 20 dollars depending on the length of your trip. Although it may seem expensive at first but when you think about it, 20 dollars isn’t really a lot of money especially if your time is worth something too.

Professional Taxi service drivers are very knowledgeable about the routes and areas where they take you because they’ve been going there for a long time already. It’s better to hire a professional driver who has been working for a long period of time because he knows how to avoid traffic and get people to their destination on time without any hassle or delay

It can be a bit tough to find a trustworthy Professional Taxi service provider in the region. You can find one by clicking on link

Hiring a taxi requires a lot of thought and precautions need to be taken into account before hiring a taxi service. Here are some things that you need to consider before hiring a taxi service:

1. Make sure you choose a professional company to handle your taxi needs.

2. The best option would be getting recommendations from friends and family regarding the best taxi services in the area.

3. Once you have shortlisted few companies, make sure you look for their credentials and track record. You can easily do this by checking out their websites and going through the reviews that people have posted on them.

4. It is always better to hire a taxi from a company that only concentrates on providing great services at cheap rates.

5. If you are wondering about how much it would cost to hire a taxi, then here is some information for you: The average cost of hiring a taxi company in your area would range between 10 dollars to 50 dollars per hour depending on various factors like distance, time spent in transit, number of passengers, etc., that they charge for rides in your area.


Explore these heavenly hill stations near Shirdi

We associate Shirdi in Maharashtra with the spiritual sage, Sai Baba. Every year, thousands of devotees visit this place to pay their homage to the Sage. Thus, Shirdi holds as much significance in India, as Tirupati in Tamil Nadu, or Kashi Vishwanath at Varanasi. Apart from being an eminent spiritual destination, this location also houses several places that are of equal importance among tourists. From waterparks to museums, this location has everything to cater to your desires. Plus, you will be surprised to know it also has heavenly hill stations on its boundaries.

When I read about these hill stations in a magazine, I couldn’t wait to visit them. So I took a flight from the broad range of Chennai to Shirdi flights available on an eminent travel website online and made a hassle-free journey to the city. Since I already toured Shirdi before, this time my target was the nearby hill stations. According to the plan, the following are the picturesque hill stations near the city where I checked in for visit.

Malshet Ghat

Malshej Ghat is a beautiful hill station located at a distance of 139 kilometres from the town of Shirdi. It is an untouched location and therefore, is an ideal place for a city escape. You can easily travel to Malshej Ghat by private vehicle or bus which leaves from the Town Bus Terminus at Shirdi. This hill station is home to some mesmerising waterfalls and scenic cascades. Since the roads along the hills are a bit crooked, you must drive carefully if you are planning to take your private vehicle. Providing a breathtaking sight from 700 metres above sea level, this place is worth taking all the risk. Taramati, also known as Taramanchi is the highest peak here that provides an enthralling view of the Naneghat range and Murbad Forts.

Koroli Hills

With no dearth of intriguing hiking and trekking trails, Koroli Hills is an unexplored gem in the Western Ghats. It is devoid of the chaos and unnecessary crowd of tourists and hence is perfect if you are looking for a short weekend getaway or a romantic holiday in the lap of nature. Quite a few hill resorts and homestays have come up and provided amazing hospitality services to the tourists who come here to visit this paradise. The scenic splendour of the hills is going to leave you spellbound with its beauty. This place has pleasant weather throughout and therefore, you will hardly face any difficulty on your trip to Koroli Hills.


 Saputara in the Dang district of Gujarat is one of the most favourites among the tourists. For those looking to stay close to nature and its beauty, this town is a perfect choice. The Sahyadris in the Western Ghats take a majestic form here and become a boon visually. Pristine hills, gurgling waterfalls, mighty boulders and cubby holes are bound to impress you. Besides, Saputara also has a range of hotels and adventure resorts for facilitating a comfortable stay. The name of the place translates to the ‘land of snakes’ and is named so because the native tribes worship the beast here during several cultural celebrations. Nature here is considered equivalent to God and hence is worshipped by many tourists who pay a visit here. 


Igatpuri is a quaint hill station that lies in the Nasik district of Maharashtra. This town is engulfed with dense greenery, an old fortress and has a splendid cover of vibrance, every monsoon. It is covered with forests, fresh leaves and waterfalls that add to the beauty of the place. With bits and pieces of the old fortress scattered all around, Igatpuri is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts. A famous meditation centre or The Vipassana International Academy is located here and is considered to be the world’s largest meditation hub. The Academy is also known as Dhammagiri and offers convenient packages for yoga courses. Coming to the hill station, several thrilling activities like rock climbing, trekking and rappelling are conducted here which are too good to miss. Apart from the thrilling activities, there are also two eminent temples of Ghatandevi and Amruteshwar that you can visit at this incredible location. 

Every hill station near Shirdi has a charm of its own and therefore, you will have a mind-blowing experience visiting them all. So, consider this list for your next trip and you will thank yourself later for including them in your itinerary.

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Flexible bookings: why you should book on Airbnb in Summer 2021

If you’re familiar with Airbnb accommodations, you’re likely to know why they can be an excellent choice for your holiday. From the variety of places you could stay in, to often cheaper prices; there’s simply so much to love. There’s no doubt that they can be a great option for many people, but are they worthwhile for you in specific?

Here’s a little more info, so that you can see why an Airbnb could be the ideal home-away-from-home for your next holiday.

6 Reasons to choose an Airbnb over a hotel this summer

When planning your next trip, it’s important to book the perfect place to stay. For a lot of people, hotels and Airbnbs are the more common selections – although they do tend to differ significantly enough that where you choose can have a huge impact on your overall experience.

Here are a few reasons why an Airbnb could be better than a hotel during your travels in 2021:

  1. They can generally allow you to rent a home (or even just a room) and pay by the night. When compared to the usual per person system that hotels use, an Airbnb can often come with lower costs, especially for larger groups of people
  2. They can also be better for families, since you could rent an apartment that offers enough beds and space for everyone to feel comfortable, and avoid the nuisance of everyone being cramped together
  3. Typically, checking into an Airbnb can be a lot less complex and time-consuming than the process of checking into a hotel
  4. There are many hosts who offer little perks to their visitors and are generally helpful and friendly, which can be a great way to get a little extra for your money
  5. They can offer a unique experience. Most hotels are more or less the same, but there are simply so many different options and opportunities with Airbnbs
  6. Over a quarter of those using Airbnbs stated that they have chosen to extend their stays when in the perfect place, and doing so was simple

While there are undoubtedly many more points to consider, these are just six that we think can make an exceptional difference when thinking about flexibility and the overall quality on offer.

Who’s more likely to enjoy a stay at an Airbnb?

While there are a variety of factors that can play a role in how much you enjoy your stay at a particular bed and breakfast, there are certainly people who will find them to be the best choice for their own holidays.

For example, there are some people who choose these types of homes purely because of the economy philosophy and the chance to have a more authentic experience. On the other hand, many individuals make their decisions based upon the sheer amount of space and amenities that they can provide.

Essentially, if you like the idea of immersing yourself in the lifestyle of a destination, having a great time with locals, or just having your own space; you’ll likely enjoy your Airbnb getaway.

How can owners make it easier to manage their reservations?

Are you a host or hostess who wants to make your life running a holiday home simpler? If so, finding some easy to use Airbnb management software could be essential. Having useful tools at your disposal can be an incredible way to manage your business – and since many of the current apps out there have a number of features, it’s often even easier to take care of your bookings and keep on top of everything on your to-do list.

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Top 10 attraction of Lodz by ITS DMC Poland

Lodz is the third biggest city in Poland located in the very centre of the country. It has almost 700 thousand inhabitants but for many years was not included in any sightseeing itineraries. It was because of the fact that Lodz was considered as a grey and ugly post-industrial city with its golden age in the times of industrial revolution. At that time the city was the centre of Polish textiles industry and later on it became Polish cinematography capital. Fortunately, this image is no longer true and nowadays, Lodz fascinates with the new post-industrial monuments and attractions. Discover this very changed face of Lodz with ITS DMC Poland local travel agent that prepared for us the top 10 attractions of this surprising city.

Top 10 attraction of Lodz by ITS DMC Poland:

  1. EC1 Lodz
  2. Orientarium (will be opened in September 2021)
  3. Piotrkowska Street
  4. White Factory – Central Museum of Textile Industry
  5. Izrael Pozna
  6. n
  7. ski Palace
  8. Herbst Palace
  9. Radegast Station
  10. Manufactura Centre
  11. Księży Młyn District
  12. Rose Passage

Most recent attractions of Lodz

In the recent years Lodz invested a lot to change the face of the city. The flagship of new attractions is EC1 Centre with Science Museum and the most modern Planetarium in the country. Another huge investment is the Orientarium. The construction of it in the Lodz Zoo has been going on since 2018. It will feature a collection of Southeast Asian flora and fauna and will be the second oceanarium in Poland. It is estimated that after opening in September 2021, it will be visited by 1.5 million visitors annually and will become as popular as Wroclaw’s Africarium. One more interesting attraction of the city is the artistic installation Rose Passage in one of the tenement houses of the most famous Lodz’s boulevard Piotrkowska Street. It is a mirror installation showing how visually challenged people can perceive the world.

Industrial revolution commemoration

For decades industrial revolution defined the way how Lodz looked like and how it developed. Nowadays, we can admire the vigour and magnitude of the enterprises in Lodz in many post-industrial monuments. Ksiezy Mlyn district shows how huge and complex workers abodes became. The area is currently under revitalization process and will soon become one of the most recognized parts of the city. Manufactura Centre is a trade and culture centre located in the revitalized factory, readily visited by tourists and inhabitants. The White Factory is a modern museum of textiles industry. Tourists can also admire the tycoon palaces that nowadays are museums: Izrael Poznanski Palace (city’s museum) and Herbst Palace (museum of interior design).

Jewish heritage

The development of Lodz was tightly connected to Lodz factory owners and city forefathers, many of them were Jewish. Before WWII Jewish community in the city accounted for about 230 thousand which was about 1/3 of the city population. The Jewish community of Lodz was practically completely exterminated during World War II. The Jews were beaten, tortured and murdered. Their synagogues were demolished and their property plundered. Most of the ghetto’s population was murdered during the so-called “Displacements” to the Kulmhoff and Auschwitz-Birkenau Death Camps. Nowadays, tourists and citizens cherish their memory at Radegast Station (railway monument devoted to the victims) and Survivors’ Park and Mark Edelman Centre for Dialogue.

Summing up, there is this vital thing to state, contemporary Lodz is a completely different place that it used to be even a dozen or so years ago. Nowadays, it is inviting and interesting for travellers and tourists that should at least plan 1- or 2-day trips there. It tells the fascinating story of how vivid city with a strong character developed during the industrial revolution period then coped with two totalitarian regimes of Nazism and Communism. It underwent a difficult period of system change and now blooms again with a new strength and force. If any of the above-mentioned places caught your interest, feel free to contact ITS DMC Poland group specialists that will happily help to organize your group stay in Poland.

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5 Must Have Pieces Of Equipment You Need For Carp Fishing

In case you are completely new to the world of carp fishing then it is quite obvious that you would be in darkness regarding the equipment that you are going to need. Here is some of the equipment that you are going to require for carp fishing.

Fishing rods

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, fishing rods are important for fishing. When investing in carp fishing rods, make sure that those are about twelve to thirteen feet long so that you can comfortably handle it. Also, if the area where you often visit for fishing has overhanging trees, then it is certainly a good idea to invest in twelve feet rods.

Apart from that, when buying make sure to check that the rod is flexible and the weight also matters. Ideally, the 2.75 test curve is the best. If you need a weighty rod than the previous one, then you should opt for the rods that are three pounds.

Unhooking mats

Fishing reservoirs always require angler along with unhooking mats. This makes sure that when removing the fish, it does not get any damage. Just like the carp fishing rods, unhooking mats are of extreme importance for the fishing reservoirs. Few reservoirs even instruct taking the carp closer to unhooking mats.

It is important to understand that this is a crucial gear if you are targeting to catch large carp. When buying unhooking mats, make sure to choose only those that are thick, and are well padded since it will last long.

Bite indicator

Anglers should always have bite indicators as this device lets you know whether anything is happening on the other side of the rod. Apart from that, with the help of the bite indicators, you will be able to easily understand whether you have caught anything.

Plenty of models are available in the market, but you should wisely choose the right one that has a vibration sensor along with a magnetic wheel. Otherwise, you will be struggling when catching carps.

Tackle bag

A tackling bag is necessary since it will help you to keep all the required equipment all in one place. Make sure that the bag you are purchasing has enough space so that it can fit reels, baits, roads, etc. Even though you can use almost every bigger sized bag, fishing bags, especially with small pockets and opting for them, are the best idea.

Weigh scale

A weighing scale is required as it helps in determining the weight of the carps. Whenever you go out for carp fishing, you should always have a weighing scale so that you can keep a record of your catch for future reference.

Therefore, these are the five pieces of equipment that are necessary when you are planning to go on carp fishing.


Tourism Tips on Things You Should Avoid Doing in Japan

Before reaching Japan, it is important to understand that you should follow the social rules that tend to be different from the ones we grew up in. Some people tend to visit Japan with an idea to learn about the history and culture of the country.

However, even if you know a few things about the culture, you need to get used to social customs that are common in this particular country.

The best way to learn things you should avoid is by clicking here for more information.

It is vital to avoid some everyday things that we tend to do in our own countries. Stay with us to learn about things that you should avoid when visiting Japan.

Restaurant Rules

Most people that first time visited Japan do not realize the uniqueness that comes with their cuisine. At the same time, you need to prepare yourself for the restaurant atmosphere that you should follow along the way.

  • Food Service – In the USA and other Western countries, the main idea is for everyone to order a meal, and everyone will get it at the same time. However, things are different in Japan, because they consider the service way more different than others. They tend to make dishes as fresh as possible, and they will bring it to your table as soon as it gets finished. It means that meals will come at different times. Do not worry because this is the common thing, and in some cases, you may finish your meal when the one for your friend arrives.
  • Do Not Pay The Bill At The Table – The common thing is that when you finish with everything, you should avoid leaving the money bill at the table and leaving because that is not a common situation. Instead, the payment tends to happen next to a register. You should avoid waiting for a waiter to come and pick up the bill, and instead, get up and go to the register to pay for everything accordingly.
  • Avoid Tipping – This is something that you should completely forget while in Japan. Even though you have probably heard that in Japan, tipping is considered rude, by doing so, you are going to offend the staff. Remember that if you leave more than you should, they will chase you to return the smallest amount, which is something you should remember.

You should check out student performance tours to determine the best places you should visit.

Shopping Rules

When it comes to shopping, you should remember to avoid these mistakes when you are doing it:

  • Bring Cash – The worst thing that you can do is to assume that you can use debit card payments everywhere you go. That is the main reason why you should prepare beforehand with the cash so that you can avoid problems that may happen. Some places will accept card payment, but you should avoid the problems that may happen while shopping at the stores. Instead of relying on cards, you should rely on the cash you have and use it for shopping purposes.
  • Stay Polite – It is vital to stay polite and avoid attempts to communicate with lousy language unless you are 100% certain that you know how to do it. Generally, Japanese people are quiet in most situations, but when you visit the store or shop, you will notice something like “Irasshaimase,” which means welcome.

Train Rules

  • Avoid Waiting For Less Crowded Train – Waiting for the less crowded train is the common mistake people tend to make. Remember that the chances are high that the next train will still feature plenty of people and be even more crowded than the one you wanted to enter beforehand. Therefore, if you can enter inside, it means that you should do it because that way you will be able to reach your destination in no time.
  • Avoid Talking Loudly and Laughing –Japan is one of the most exciting countries you can visit, but avoid causing a commotion on the train because it is considered rude. From time to time, you will hear loud teens that had too much to drink, but generally, to avoid problems and looks, you should try to be as silent as possible while on the train. Remember that it is not a place for socialization.

We recommend you to visit this site: to check for tips you should remember before visiting Japan.

Visiting a completely different culture comes with prior understanding, which is why you should follow the unwritten rules that will bring you more enjoyment than before.


Holiday Ideas For After Lockdown

Surely the COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone feel like going on a long vacation away from home some days and it is no surprise that everyone is making holiday ideas to enjoy after lockdown. Today we have compiled a few destinations to consider visiting after the lockdown ends.


Norway is the best place to visit, with its endless waterfalls and long fjords, Norway holds the title for the best holiday destination. A beautiful country with irresistible nature that will delight lovers of the wild, hiking and adventure sports. You can enjoy Norway’s beauty in winter with northern lights or in summer in the midnight sun.

Egypt Nile River Cruise

Surely tourism in Egypt started with the Nile river cruise session. A total of 6,853 km make its channel the largest in Africa and the second-largest in the world, just behind the Amazon, which flows north through ten countries. Every minute of sailing is pure enjoyment. In addition, several cruises offer traditional dances, and musical performances are offered onboard, and from its underwater windows, it is possible to have a different perspective of the depths of the river.


Greece is one of those destinations that have everything: history, relaxation, culture, tradition, good food, good weather, and good people. If you want your vacation to be complete, Greece is a great option.


Espoo is the second most important city in Finland, but chances are good that you have never heard of it. It is a booming technology center surrounded by nature and full of museums and live music venues. You can also hike through birch and coniferous forests in the Nuuksio National Park and try to spot the Siberian flying squirrel. Take advantage and escape to one of the 21 beaches that are both in the sea and in the lakes, perfect for swimming, fishing, kayaking, or canoeing.


When you think of finding a ‘paradise island’, Denmark is not the first country that comes to mind. But nevertheless, there are many who know that Bornholm takes the palm for beach and sun in Scandinavia: it is the sunniest place in all of Denmark. Small fishing villages, ancient churches, and remains of fortresses will be an ideal spot for your online memories.


If the beach doesn’t suit you, Ouarzazate in Morocco is your ideal destination. Located in the middle of the desert and famous for its caramel-color mud buildings, it is a delight to visit.

If you have more interesting ideas don’t forget to share in the comment section.

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Luxurious and relaxing by the cabin charters

By the lodge, contracts were first mainstream with Dream Yacht Charter in the Seychelles – definitive heaven. We refined the involvement in our faithful charterers in Europe, and now have a bigger number of alternatives for by the lodge contracts than some other brand. This sort of contract makes for the perfect cruising excursion. It’s appropriate for everybody, regardless of whether you don’t have a clue how to sail, or you just need to unwind and encounter life onboard a manned extravagance yacht. Each individual from your family will make the most of their customized understanding onboard one of our experience cruising contracts.

Lease a lodge with your private washroom, similarly as you can on a voyage transport. Rather than a thousand new colleagues, you’ll simply have a couple of new companions. Our expert team deals with the cruising, and a culinary specialist readies your dinners from new nearby items. Once in a while, our teams even catch new Tuna or Mahi-Mahi directly from the sailboat. You’ll leave all the baffling parts of life behind and embrace a progressively laid-back pace: one that permits you to you follows the rhythms of the ocean and tropical exchange winds. The sailboat’s shallow draft considers access to private safe havens and extraordinary swimming spots that huge voyage boats can just fantasy about imparting to their travelers, making it a cruising experience you’ll always remember. Please check the website and know the information.

Itineraries and Activities

The agendas offer you the chance to join the land visit chronicled towns-and the most delightful characteristic narrows to swim around. With our Traditional Wooden Gulets, you will think that its simple to enter each inlet and port that Cruise Ships can’t. Swimming right off the gulet is an incredible inclination without sitting tight for a line for a modest pool. Aside from swimming in the “Blue Flagged” waters, you will locate the opportunity to investigate the excellent islands and drifts loaded with little and exquisite towns with incredible chronicled landmarks.

Even though you won’t remain much inside your lodges, lodges are agreeable and well prepared. Lodge Charters are being made with gulets that have 6 to 16 lodges. The entirety of your dinners will be served on board which is a piece of delectable Turkish and Greek Cuisine. For the most part, these will be the life-changing snapshots of chuckling and having a fabulous time out and out with your new companions.

Sailing the Caribbean

Set sail aboard the magnificent four-masted Sea Cloud to explore the lush islands and vibrant cultures of the Lesser Antilles. Hike in the mountainous rain forests of Dominica, discover an active volcanic crater in Saint Lucia and explore the idyllic Grenadines. If you have any details please check the sites

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Taxi Services to Get You Where You Need to Be

Getting to and from can be difficult enough even if you own your vehicle. Dealing with traffic, running late to an important meeting, and worrying about breakdowns or flats are all part of the reality of having a car of your own.

Thankfully, there are taxi services available to help get you where you need to be. A taxi in Putney can take you where you need to go with style and comfort. Most of all, it provides a reliable sense of transportation that gets you where you need to be on time.

More Than Just a Ride

Each Putney taxi is more than simply about getting from point A to point B. It is about providing reliability and safe travel to your destination. A quality Putney taxi service should be able to provide:

  • Quick responses
  • Minicab services
  • Pre-booked taxi services
  • Airport transfers
  • Corporate accounts

A quality taxi service can make all the difference, be it trying to get to the airport or making it to an important meeting on time.

Perfect for Corporate Accounts

A Putney taxi service should be able to provide elite car service. This means professional support, priority service, and discounts for repeat bookings. There is an emphasis on safety and friendly drivers to make the experience as positive as it can be.

Make it more than just getting a ride. Get the proper taxi service to make getting to your destination something that is easier than ever before.


Are you ready for a honeymoon in Bali?

If you are planning a wedding, you must be well prepared for it. You need to have the details of the number of people you are inviting, a venue and most importantly, a honeymoon destination. To help you make up your mind quickly on a unique honeymoon destination, Bali is the solution I present.

Bali is one of the world’s leading tourist destination. It is a beautiful island destination surrounded by pristine ocean water and unique marine life. Additionally, there are beautiful award-winning hotels that you can stay in for your honeymoon.

The Villas at Ayana Resort Bali is the leading honeymoon hotel in the region. Listed are some of the amenities you are likely to enjoy for your honeymoon.


For your hotel honeymoon, The Villas Ayana offers you unmatched privacy and exclusivity. You get a secluded villa to yourselves and a butler at your beck and call.

The villa opens up to a private infinity pool that you can spend time in when you need to get out of the room. With this intentional and intimate design, you get to spend your honeymoon time together, as it should be.

Wonderful meals

One advantage of hotel honeymoon Bali is that you do not have to worry about your meals. In as much as you get the privacy you deserve; the hotel will ensure that you get specially prepared meals just for you.

In the privacy of your villa poolside, a chef will prepare a sumptuous breakfast, lunch and dinner for the duration of your stay at the hotel. The hotel will prepare a romantic setting for all your meals including candlelit dinners filled with romantic music.

Great savings

The hotel offers great savings and offers to its clients. Booking the Villas will also come with free airport transfer services, a spa session, an in-room massage for both of you, free WIFI among other services that help ease your honeymoon period.

When offers are on, you will enjoy great discounts on your stay and have leftover cash to enjoy many other activities that the hotel offers to its guests.

Beautifully decorated rooms

The Ayana Villas Resort at Bali has beautiful and exquisitely decorated rooms. They are painted in warm colors that will enhance your intimacy. In addition, there are paintings and artefacts that represent the culture of the people who live around the hotel.

In addition, they have large windows that offer a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean and bring in natural light into the villa. The villas are spacious and large and their adjoining swimming pools are filled with clean water.

Wedding grounds

If you are going to honeymoon at the Ayana Villas, you will be pleased to know that you can also get a wedding venue at this hotel.

They have numerous options for wedding ceremony venues. A wedding venue in this hotel will offer your wedding party a great view of the Indian Ocean and beautiful wedding photos.

With the villas located on an expansive cliffside, you can enjoy the high grounds or the hotel boat for a wedding venue.

Benefits of a hotel honeymoon

Get a room upgrade

When on honeymoon, if you ask nicely, many hotels will; be willing to offer you a room upgrade for you to enjoy a great honeymoon period.

With a room upgrade, you will enjoy extra comfort at no extra costs.

Get great wedding packages

When booking your honeymoon, you can get the hotel to offer other wedding services. The hotel can plan, cater and provide other services such as a beautiful venue, photography and any other services needed for a wedding.


A honeymoon at The Villas Ayana Resort in Bali means that you will enjoy the beautiful environment and island of Bali. In addition, you will get the opportunity to spend quality time with your significant other and start your marriage on the right footing and love.