So Many Benefits to Enjoying a Cycling Holiday

There are many reasons for getting on a bicycle and seeing a bit of the countryside. Many of these reasons are health benefits that you can get any time you’re up on two wheels. And that is always a good idea.

But what if you could combine improved health with a fantastic holiday in one of the many outstanding destinations in Europe? Now you’ve got more than enough inspiration to try something different on your next holiday.

When you choose a cycling holiday, one of the top benefits is that you are going to be outdoors in some of the most beautiful places on the planet. There’s not much to compare to being close to nature, breathing fresh air and getting some low-impact exercise along the way. You’ll soon understand why people who enjoy outdoor activity generally have a feeling of well-being and have higher levels of energy for all activities.

So Many Options

When you arrange your cycling holiday from Hooked on Cycling, you can select from 150 itineraries throughout Europe. Gorgeous wine trails in France? It’s on the list. The remarkable cities in the Czech Republic? Just call and arrange it for you, your family members, or your friends. You’ll be making your arrangements with professionals who are also cycling enthusiasts and who work with you to provide the help and information that you need to take a self-guided tour.

Trips are available that will put your fitness to the test or you can enjoy a slower pace that allows you to see the landscape at your own pace. You’ll definitely feel calmer and your stress level will be noticeably reduced. When you and your group want to have an experience that’s extraordinary, you can also talk with a representative about a bespoke tour. The friendly, knowledgeable staff members will be happy to work with you to create a cycling holiday that uses one of the standard tours as a foundation, then adds sights and experiences that you desire.

The Highlights

When you choose to spend your holiday on two wheels, you’ll be close to the local culture and will learn a lot about the people, the food, the music, and much more. Speaking of food, the local cuisine consistently ranks as a highlight of cycling tours in Europe. Planned stops include outstanding food whether it’s for a light lunch or a full evening meal.

Naturally, scenery is a major attraction for those who choose these holidays. You can glide through the countryside, enjoying the greenery and the pace of life, or experience the history of European cities, many of which have no equal around the world. Start your journey today by visiting the website of a trusted, experienced provider of cycling holidays.


Are You Looking to Do Something Totally Different This Holiday Season

All too often, we get caught up in the rat race that is city living. It can be very easy to forget that there is a big wide world out there that is full of possibilities and new things to see and do. One way to experience the beauty of the world is to immerse oneself in the natural outdoors. One might think that a camping trip could be the answer but how about getting out on the open seas and doing some whale watching?

Connecting with the Great Humpback Whale

The humpback whale migrates every year from Antarctica to warmer waters during the May to August period. They gather off the coast of Queensland in great numbers and present an opportunity for everyone to see them. These magnificent creatures are a reminder of just how big and wonderful the world is.

Just imagine that you and your family are cruising on a catamaran off the coast of Queensland. The sun is shining, there is a lovely cool wind whipping across the upper deck, and a pod of humpback whales is gliding only a short distance away.

The good news is that anyone can enjoy this experience and enjoy the natural wonders of the sea and the humpback whale. There are tour companies that specialise in whale watching in Sydney. One can book a cruise on a comfortable catamaran that leaves from Sydney Harbour. Run by experienced whale watchers and nature lovers, the catamaran can take you and your family right near the migration of humpback whales as they move along the NSW coast up to Queensland.

Things You Didn’t Know About the Humpback Whale

The best way to see these magnificent marine leviathans is to get up close on a specialty catamaran cruise. Being in their habitat and seeing them in action reminds us of the beauty of this world and allows us to get away from our own troubles.

Here are some interesting facts about the humpback whale:

  • Every grouping of whales actually has its own song and the baby whales need to learn to sing as they grow and develop
  • Whale song can actually be heard up to thirty kilometres away; it is that powerful!
  • The average adult whale can weigh up to 40 tonnes, which is a heck of a lot heavier than any car!
  • Female humpback whales are pregnant with their young for a whole year and then give birth to a live baby whale,
  • A humpback whale has two blowholes for breathing, one for each of their car-sized lungs,
  • Just as with human fingerprints, every whale has a totally unique set of white markings on its underbelly.

The humpback whale is truly a wonderful creature. If you’re looking for something truly unique to do this holiday season, why not go on a whale-watching tour?


Options for Exploring the Catalonia Region in Spain

Barcelona can be a great place to visit on holiday but if you want to escape city life, there are many other places to go in the Catalonia region of Spain. Catalonia borders the Mediterranean Sea so if you want a relaxing holiday, you could spend your time laying out in the sun and having romantic walks along the beaches. However, there are other cities to visit and activities to enjoy in the Catalonia region.

Girona, Spain

After flying into the Barcelona airport, take a short drive north to the city of Girona. While it is less crowded than Barcelona, it is not a small village as it is home to over 100,000 residents. Start your day by visiting the Eiffel bridge, which was built a year prior to the Eiffel Tower in Paris by the same man.

If you’re a fan of colourful architecture, the scene from the bridge should make a great start to your day. There are rows of colourful houses that were once the walls of the city. For history buffs, a walk through the Jewish quarter and a visit to the Jewish museum will reveal much of the area’s history prior to the Middle Ages, which was when the Jews were pushed out of Girona.

As with any other city in Spain, there are many tavernas to choose from for lunch. You can explore markets to try local food items, buy souvenirs, or have an ice cream while taking a break from touring the city. You can either book accommodations in Girona or go to nearby Costa Brava on the coast of Spain.

Hiking Catalonia

There are many options for hiking along the shores of the Mediterranean, including exploring the area on your own during the day or booking one of several walking holidays in Spain. A self-guided tour of the Catalonia coast will last five to seven nights and allow you to visit both the scenic coastline and walk mountain trails in the Pyrenees. You can spend time finding ancient ruins, try the region’s unique food dishes, and discover new wines.

Most of the hikes on a Catalonia walking tour only last four to five hours, which gives you plenty of time to explore the area to discover shops, tavernas, and gothic architecture. Since the tours are self-guided, you can go off the beaten path if you like as long as you check in at your nightly destination. You needn’t worry about your luggage as it will be transferred to the next stop for you; you just need to take a small rucksack with some supplies on the hikes.

Whether you’re exploring Girona or walking along the pathways in Cadaques, you should wear sturdy and comfortable shoes with ankle supports. You don’t want to ruin your holiday by twisting an ankle on a cobblestone street or stumbling over rocks in the mountains. There will be ample opportunity to toss aside the shoes and sink your toes into the warm sands along the Spanish coast during your time in Spain.


Tips For Renting Out Vacation Homes

Often, renting a vacation home to tourists is the only way owners can afford to purchase and enjoy it themselves. Maintaining and marketing a property for rental requires a higher level of commitment that just having family members enjoy it. Whether you’ve listed your property with a real estate agency for vacation rentals, an online website for direct rental or depend on referrals for rentals, take the extras steps as recommended by real estate professionals to ramp up the volume of rentals.

Take a critical assessment of the condition of your property. Address all deferred maintenance items before putting it on the rental market. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and head to Home Depot to purchase items on your list to complete necessary repairs. Ensure that the property has been professionally cleaned. Give special attention to bathrooms and the kitchen. Actually sleep in each of the beds. Quality mattresses are critical if you hope to have repeat rentals. If you offer extra amenities such as grills, beach chairs or bicycles, ensure that these are in proper working condition. Either hire a landscaping company to maintain the lawn and gardens, or commit to doing this on a weekly basis during the rental season.

Take multiple photos of the property on the interior as well as the exterior. Many websites and rental agencies have questionnaires for home owners to complete to ensure accurate descriptions of amenities, bedroom counts an configurations. If possible, include additional content describing the unique benefits of this home, its proximity to the beach, ski lifts or city center. Ensure that all of your contact information is correct and commit to responding to inquiries as timely as possible. Often when prospective renters are looking for a property, they’ll make several selections and commit to the first owner that responds to their inquiry.

Following these suggestions will increase the odds of multiple rentals throughout the rental season. You might just enjoy your vacation more knowing the tourists are helping pay for your home. Best of luck to you!


Key West Snorkeling Co. Announces Affiliation With Virginia Beach Vacations

Key West based travel company sets sights on another sunny vacation destination on the Virginia coast.

In an unexpected move that extends the reaches of Key West Snorkeling Co. all the way up the east coast to Virginia, a new partnership was initiated and will benefit both member companies in many ways. Virginia Beach Vacations, a fledgling company started in 2007 by three college buddies, brings many local Virginia Beach affiliations to the table. These connections will prove valuable to Key West Snorkeling Co., which maintains but lacks local contacts in the beach community in Virginia.

But what Key West Snorkeling Co. lacks in local connections in Virginia, it more than makes up for with its proven record for brilliant travel marketing and quality service. In fact, the six year old company is also quite young but has already established an excellent online reputation for its travel websites, discounts, and up to date information on traveling in the Florida Keys. While the name implies a Key West focus, Key West Snorkeling Co. actually covers the entire Florida Keys with photos, hotel info, discounts, info on tours and so much more for the traveler. Whether you’re looking for a place to eat in Key West or the best Florida Charter Spearfishing available, Key West Snorkeling Co. makes an effort to provide the best information, photos, and discount hookups at for the online reader.

With the new affiliation, the name will not change, but rather Virginia Beach Vacations will dissolve into the umbrella of Key West Snorkeling Co., whose main focus will remain travel in the the Florida Keys. One employee will be retained in the Virginia Beach location, to maintain affiliations with local businesses and to provide current info on the beachside resort town and the famous beach. Attractions include the Beach, Busch Gardens, and the Virginia Aquarium, water sports, museums like the Naval Aviation Monument, and a history dating back to 1607, spanning four centuries.

“We’re so excited to be working with our new partner in Virginia Beach” says Belinda Mills, head of marketing for Key West Snorkeling Co. “I think we’ll be able to really put our expertise to work in Virginia Beach and make some wonderful informational websites that will prove useful and fascinating to the traveler” she said with visible excitement. “We’re so excited about this new direction, we’re even scouting for new areas on the east coast for similar opportunities”. She added that her company will be looking into affiliations with small web-based travel companies in Jekyll Island as well. According to Jekyll Island is located on the east coast in Georgia, about halfway between Savannah and Jacksonville, Florida. It’s a barrier island and like Key West and Virginia Beach, another beach vacation destination.

Key West, the FLorida Keys and Virginia Beach are year-round vacation destinations offering a wide range of accommodations from budget to luxury. For up to date visitor information on any of these destinations, visit KEy West Snorkeling Co’s main website and browse at your leisure. Virginia Beach hotel discounts are coming soon, as the new wing of the online travel company develops.


A Holiday Road Trip from Gujarat All The Way To Goa

Planning a Goa trip from Surat. What about a road trip? You can take a bus trip to Goa which would be amazing! Check out some Goa tour packages from Surat and go for the trip of your life! Goa is where you should be on a summer holiday. As soon as you plan to visit Goa, the excitement would kick in. So, just start packing bags two days before the journey as you plan. Pack your favorite clothes and take your swimming suit also. You also need to bring a pair of sunglasses. On the way to Goa, buy tickets for the Volvo bus and get board the bus with your troupe! The road which takes you to Goa is amazing and full of sceneries. The roads are covered with thick and green trees full with flowers of varied colors.

The place you arrive in Goa is known as Mapusa. You would be astonished when you see the city. It is a beautiful city and the sun shines brightly. Take a taxi to the resort or hotel you have booked. You can take an accommodation near the Sinquerim Beach. The resorts there are very beautiful and have villas with many rooms. There are lots of trees, especially the coconut trees and two swimming pools inside the resort. You would like the beach a lot. There are lots of fun activities going on there, like water scooter, parachute, speed boating, etc. Have a ride on the water scooter which is a thrilling experience.

At first, you might seem nervous but soon you would start liking it. After this, take a speedboat to another beach called Candolim. It is a long white sand beach and quite popular. The sunset here is a sight to behold. Another beach to explore in Goa is the Calangute Beach. This beach is slightly crowded. If you like parties, this is the place to be. There is nothing superior to the vibe in Goa. The individuals who look for an extraordinary shoreline party in Goa won’t be disillusioned either. Clubs in Goa offer exceptional fun and entire night bash with boundless alcohol and platters of delicious Goan nourishment. Spend your holidays in Goa and get hypnotized by the beautiful magnificence of this spot. The houses are amazingly lovely, and the general population are to a great degree delightful.

The neighborliness and warmth of Goa are stunning. It is difficult to leave the allure of this spot. There is a little island called Divar where you can see an excellent Portuguese estate. Divar church a noticeable spot to visit. You can have just get a feel of the gone Portuguese times in this ex-capital of Goa. You can discover houses mirroring the bona fide Portuguese design with extraordinary hues and compositions and outstanding structural brilliance. Fair is the most bright and blissful occasion where just about everybody takes an interest. You have a progression of occasions in Goa amid that time. There are fun fairs, vivid parades, sports occasions, social projects and some more. The individuals who encounter once wish to go there consistently.