whale watching in Sydney

Are You Looking to Do Something Totally Different This Holiday Season

All too often, we get caught up in the rat race that is city living. It can be very easy to forget that there is a big wide world out there that is full of possibilities and new things to see and do. One way to experience the beauty of the world is to immerse oneself in the natural outdoors. One might think that a camping trip could be the answer but how about getting out on the open seas and doing some whale watching?

Connecting with the Great Humpback Whale

The humpback whale migrates every year from Antarctica to warmer waters during the May to August period. They gather off the coast of Queensland in great numbers and present an opportunity for everyone to see them. These magnificent creatures are a reminder of just how big and wonderful the world is.

Just imagine that you and your family are cruising on a catamaran off the coast of Queensland. The sun is shining, there is a lovely cool wind whipping across the upper deck, and a pod of humpback whales is gliding only a short distance away.

The good news is that anyone can enjoy this experience and enjoy the natural wonders of the sea and the humpback whale. There are tour companies that specialise in whale watching in Sydney. One can book a cruise on a comfortable catamaran that leaves from Sydney Harbour. Run by experienced whale watchers and nature lovers, the catamaran can take you and your family right near the migration of humpback whales as they move along the NSW coast up to Queensland.

Things You Didn’t Know About the Humpback Whale

The best way to see these magnificent marine leviathans is to get up close on a specialty catamaran cruise. Being in their habitat and seeing them in action reminds us of the beauty of this world and allows us to get away from our own troubles.

Here are some interesting facts about the humpback whale:

  • Every grouping of whales actually has its own song and the baby whales need to learn to sing as they grow and develop
  • Whale song can actually be heard up to thirty kilometres away; it is that powerful!
  • The average adult whale can weigh up to 40 tonnes, which is a heck of a lot heavier than any car!
  • Female humpback whales are pregnant with their young for a whole year and then give birth to a live baby whale,
  • A humpback whale has two blowholes for breathing, one for each of their car-sized lungs,
  • Just as with human fingerprints, every whale has a totally unique set of white markings on its underbelly.

The humpback whale is truly a wonderful creature. If you’re looking for something truly unique to do this holiday season, why not go on a whale-watching tour?