honeymoon in Bali

Are you ready for a honeymoon in Bali?

If you are planning a wedding, you must be well prepared for it. You need to have the details of the number of people you are inviting, a venue and most importantly, a honeymoon destination. To help you make up your mind quickly on a unique honeymoon destination, Bali is the solution I present.

Bali is one of the world’s leading tourist destination. It is a beautiful island destination surrounded by pristine ocean water and unique marine life. Additionally, there are beautiful award-winning hotels that you can stay in for your honeymoon.

The Villas at Ayana Resort Bali is the leading honeymoon hotel in the region. Listed are some of the amenities you are likely to enjoy for your honeymoon.


For your hotel honeymoon, The Villas Ayana offers you unmatched privacy and exclusivity. You get a secluded villa to yourselves and a butler at your beck and call.

The villa opens up to a private infinity pool that you can spend time in when you need to get out of the room. With this intentional and intimate design, you get to spend your honeymoon time together, as it should be.

Wonderful meals

One advantage of hotel honeymoon Bali is that you do not have to worry about your meals. In as much as you get the privacy you deserve; the hotel will ensure that you get specially prepared meals just for you.

In the privacy of your villa poolside, a chef will prepare a sumptuous breakfast, lunch and dinner for the duration of your stay at the hotel. The hotel will prepare a romantic setting for all your meals including candlelit dinners filled with romantic music.

Great savings

The hotel offers great savings and offers to its clients. Booking the Villas will also come with free airport transfer services, a spa session, an in-room massage for both of you, free WIFI among other services that help ease your honeymoon period.

When offers are on, you will enjoy great discounts on your stay and have leftover cash to enjoy many other activities that the hotel offers to its guests.

Beautifully decorated rooms

The Ayana Villas Resort at Bali has beautiful and exquisitely decorated rooms. They are painted in warm colors that will enhance your intimacy. In addition, there are paintings and artefacts that represent the culture of the people who live around the hotel.

In addition, they have large windows that offer a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean and bring in natural light into the villa. The villas are spacious and large and their adjoining swimming pools are filled with clean water.

Wedding grounds

If you are going to honeymoon at the Ayana Villas, you will be pleased to know that you can also get a wedding venue at this hotel.

They have numerous options for wedding ceremony venues. A wedding venue in this hotel will offer your wedding party a great view of the Indian Ocean and beautiful wedding photos.

With the villas located on an expansive cliffside, you can enjoy the high grounds or the hotel boat for a wedding venue.

Benefits of a hotel honeymoon

Get a room upgrade

When on honeymoon, if you ask nicely, many hotels will; be willing to offer you a room upgrade for you to enjoy a great honeymoon period.

With a room upgrade, you will enjoy extra comfort at no extra costs.

Get great wedding packages

When booking your honeymoon, you can get the hotel to offer other wedding services. The hotel can plan, cater and provide other services such as a beautiful venue, photography and any other services needed for a wedding.


A honeymoon at The Villas Ayana Resort in Bali means that you will enjoy the beautiful environment and island of Bali. In addition, you will get the opportunity to spend quality time with your significant other and start your marriage on the right footing and love.