Breath-Taking Railway Routes In India

Breath Taking Railway

Often the journey is better than the destination itself. It holds true to most of the train journeys. The view out of the train window is like a world in itself. You see greenery, you see deserts, and you also see a life of different kinds. It is true that all the routes have something interesting to watch and learn from. But there are some unique railway routes that just take your breath away by their beauty. They are so fascinating that you wish to travel again and again on the same route. So, check the PNR status for train and board one of these trains to have a wonderful experience throughout the journey.

Here are some of the most beautiful railway routes in the country –

Kalka-Shimla Railway in Himachal Pradesh –

This is an old toy train that most people take when they have to reach Shimla. The route has been working since 1903 and is among the top five picturesque train journeys in the country. The track runs for 96 kilometres covering 20 railway stations, passing through 103 tunnels and 800 bridges. There are 900 curves, each bringing mesmerizing view. ! The journey lasts for 5 hours.

Nilgiri Mountain Railway in Tamil Nadu –

If you are going to Ooty, you must surely take the toy train of the Nilgiri Mountain Railways. This route was completed in 1908, and it runs through rocky hills, lush green tea plantations and thick forests. The 46-kilometre track runs over 250 bridges and through 16 tunnels. Cutting through the Nilgiri Mountains, the train makes its way to heaven on earth – Ooty, which is cool even during summers. Thus, it is a popular destination as well as railway route.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway in West Bengal –

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway has one more famous toy train route in the country. It is the oldest among historical mountain railways of India. The train route is used since 1881, connecting Eastern Himalayas to Darjeeling. The train route covers a distance of 80 kilometres passing on almost 500 bridges.

Matheran Hill Railway in Maharashtra –

This is a lesser-known among toy trains but equally beautiful when it comes to the view. The route is in use from 1907. The track is only 20 kilometres, but the slow train takes two and a half hours to reach the destination because the route is in a zigzag manner uphill.

Kangra Valley Railway in Himachal Pradesh –

From 1929, the Kangra Valley Railway is running successfully. It is the last mountain railway that was built in India. The route is long, covering 164 kilometres from Pathankot of Punjab to Joginder Nagar of Himachal Pradesh. As the experts did not want to mess with the hills, the route has only two tunnels. The journey on this route will take 10 hours. You can watch the striking view of the famous Dhauladhar mountain range all through the journey.

These are some of the train routes that have the best scenery making your travel worthwhile. The journey on these routes will certainly be memorable for you.

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