A Star Hotel Experience For A Lifetime

The Memorable Stay:

The hotels are becoming more and more sophisticated keeping in view of the new developments in the tourism industry and are made more visible because of the developments in the information technology. The internet plays a major role in the field of the tourism and many other aspects that ate related to the industry. Many who were not aware of the star hotels are aware now and because many want to spend their holidays and their assignments abroad in a hotel which provides all the comforts and conveniences in addition to the impression it creates in the mind of the business associates.

The Hotel:

The hotel we are talking of is the hotel prince de conti which is situated in Paris and is built in the 18th century in the main are of Paris very well known as saint Germaine de pres and is situated in the main area of the city. The building has six storeys and is used by the help of the lift. The rooms are very comfortable and the hotel offers four star facilities. The hotel prince de conde. The hotel is located on the rue Guenegaud which falls between the beautiful river seine and Boulevard saint Germaine. This has got a great history behind it as it was opened by the prince de conti in the 17th century and is well known ever since.

Special Features:

The hotel is well liked by both the French and people from other European countries and elsewhere. The hotel has a reception which is open all through the day and the front desk of the hotel is a scene to keep in the mind for ever. The stay is a memorable one for both professionals and tourists who want to spend their stay here. They come back for more. Many of the antique pieces of furniture are kept as it is and is well polished and is in itself a view to behold. The lobby serves many newspapers and one can pick up the one we want.

Apart from the antique pieces of furniture, the artefacts collected from around the world are also on display in every floor. The bronze statue is the most liked of them all which is that of a dancer carved as if to reveal an actual living being. The fire places that are from the past centuries have been modified in order to suit the modern times and they keep you warm all through winter and there is not a room that is not heated and offers a very spacious feel to the person staying there.

The lighting of the whole building is a thing of wonder and looking at the orange lighting on the reflection in the walls provide a very cosy feeling and homey atmosphere. It is like an entrance into the past history and is a very awe inspiring building which has stood for so much long.


You can reserve your room in advance and you can choose the room you want that will suit your stay there. The phone numbers and fax are also available so that you can contact them right away. Since the front desk is open all through the day, you can reserve the rooms as and when you want. The reservation in some seasons have to be booked in advance even before you start your trip to Paris as it will save you the hassles of waiting for the rooms to be available. The hotel prince de conti and hotel prince de conde are hotels that are well recognized and stay here will be a memory for a long time.


Explore The Best That Phoenix Has To Offer

In Greek mythology, thePhoenix was a bird that regenerates from its own ashes. More importantly perhaps, this is a bird that is associated with the sun. No, this is not an article about mythological avian life but it is about a place that is also associated with solar power. Known as the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, Arizona is truly a shining and brilliant holiday destination because it offers:

  • Night clubs.
  • Golf courses.
  • Sunshine in abundance.
  • Outdoor adventure sports.
  • Cultural experiences beyond compare and so on.

Here is taking a look at the best that Phoenix has to offer in terms of travel destinations.


Quite a large number of people flock to Phoenix in order to enjoy adventure sports such as hiking, mountain climbing, biking, auto sports and so on. So if this is an essential part of your travel experiences, then you really must head to places such as:

  • Piestewa Peak and Camelback Mountain which offer magnificent vistas and hiking opportunities.
  • Papago Park is a hilly dessert park which also has the Phoenix zoo and the desert botanical garden.
  • There is also the Pueblo Grande Museum & Archaeological Park.


There are many ways in which you can enjoy the tradition and culture that Phoenix is famous for. One of the things that you can do is to visit museums and centers such as:

  • Heard Museum for Native American culture.
  • The Arizona Science Center.
  • Hall of Flame Fire Museum which showcases the history of firefighting.
  • The Mesa Arts Center which is great for its live theater and art shows.
  • Heritage Square which has buildings that date back to the late 1800s.


One of the most intrinsic attractions of Phoenix is its desert landscape. Once again, there are many ways in which you can enjoy this experience and South Mountain Park in Phoenix gives you 16,000 acres of desert landscape. So you can go horseback riding and mountain biking and even visit this place at night so that you get a beautiful view of the wonderful city lights of Phoenix. Try and climb up to the Dobbins Lookout for a magnificent and unforgettable view.


If you would love to do something that is unusual in Phoenix, then you must head to the Mystery Castle which is located near downtown Phoenix and quite close to the South Mountain Park. This is a castle made from stone and has plenty of whimsical features as well. The Pioneer Living History Museum is another interesting place to visit because it offers a complete and authentic experience of a 1800s town. Another interesting place to go to is the Wrigley Mansion which dates back to the year 1929.

Shopping in Phoenix is possible when you visit Downtown Scottsdale among so many other places. Finally, it is worth noting that Phoenix is home to beautiful golf courses so if you need a golfing holiday then this is the city that you must head to. Traveling to Phoenix is easy, GOGO Charters can rent you a bus and you can explore Phoenix completely.