Convenient Cruise Connections Have Arrived


If you are one of the millions of British people who prefer to spend your downtime on the ocean, you will be all too aware of the hassles involved in finally arriving at your cruise ship. The first leg of what should be a relaxing experience often involves a trans-Atlantic flight and a coach trip before finally reaching the comfort of your berth. This marathon trip has to be repeated when the cruise liner docks, and when you factor in both legs of the ordeal, it does take the edge off the holidaying experience.

By Popular Demand

You can now book cruises from the UK to just about everywhere, and because your ship is moored on the shores of dear Old Blighty, you can say goodbye to that initial part of the journey. There happens to be online specialist cruise operators who operate their business from the UK, and with easy online booking and a wide range of cruise experiences on offer, the veteran cruiser is spoilt for choice.


This port town is steeped in history and is the major port of docking for UK cruise ships. You can book a cruise from Southampton to San Francisco, or to the Caribbean if you prefer, in fact, Southampton is the ideal place to step onto a world cruise, for that once in a lifetime experience, and at only a couple of hours from London, it makes for the ideal cruise departure point. Cruises to Russia and the Scandinavian countries are also based in Southampton, and that is one part of the world everyone should see at least once.

Cruise Affordability

The online cruise operator cuts costs to the very bone, which means you get your relaxing holiday at rock bottom prices. If you can manage to find an independent cruise operator, they have more leverage than a company that is tied to certain cruise lines, and with seasonal surges and off-peak prices, one can save a considerable amount with an early booking.

Wide Range of Cruise Routes

It matters not which part of our blue planet you wish to visit, and there are cruises from the Antarctic to the North Pole – and everywhere in between. Of course, the Caribbean route is a favourite, with so many exotic stop offs in a short time, and if you want to experience the serenity of clear, calm waters, this is the region for you.

Online Solutions

You can make your selection and booking online these days, and there’s no better way to browse the many cruises than by sitting in the comfort of your own living room. The website would have images and video of the ship and lots of tour information, and with online booking facilities, once you have made your selection, an online secure payment ensures you will be on the ship when it leaves Southampton.

More and more UK citizens are turning to cruise holidays, and when you factor in everything it certainly is value for money.


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