Get Out of the City: 3 Great Escapes from Auckland


Being the largest urban area in the country, Auckland is a buzzing and diverse cityscape with no end of things to see and do. With so much going on in the city it can be difficult to tear yourself away, but we all need to get out from time to time and escape the crowds. Luckily, Aucklanders are blessed with a plethora of beautiful natural landscapes only a stone’s throw away, so there are plenty of options to get into nature.

Getting Around

Some of the most beautiful rural destinations in New Zealand are in close proximity to Auckland, but how can you get to them? It’s no contest that the best way to get around is by car. Travelling by car gives you the freedom to come and go when you want and allows you to go off the beaten path. Many of us dream of owning a car but are stunted when it comes to buying one due to financial constraints. Whilst hiring a car is feasible every now and then, it is costly and doesn’t allow for much spontaneity. If you’re daydreaming about hitting the open road, why not look into a car loan. There are plenty of affordable options for car finance in Auckland, which could set you on the path to ownership in no time. Here are some great destinations within driving distance of Auckland which might encourage you to take the leap.

  1. Waitakere Ranges – The Waitakere Ranges offer a breath-taking natural landscape only a 30-minute drive from Auckland. With waterfalls, beaches and trails this is a great destination for outdoor activities. Take a walk along one of the many hiking trails to experience native rainforest and rugged coastlines, or hit the waves at some of the country’s best surf beaches. Here, you can pay homage to some of New Zealand’s most beautiful native flora and fauna, whilst a walk along the clifftops will really blow the cobwebs away.
  2. Coromandel – For something slightly further afield, Coromandel can be reached in a less than 3 hours’ drive from Auckland. Beautiful beaches and coves are punctuated by iconic rock formations for spectacular views. Head to Cathedral Cove for one of Coromandel’s most memorable sights, where you can kayak through the crystal waters and get up close to the rock formations. Only a short drive from here, you can also visit the famous Hot Water Beach. Here, you can dig a hole on the beach to create your very own natural hot tub. With so much to see, why not spend the whole weekend in Cormandel hopping from town to town.
  3. Waiheke Island – If you don’t have a car, there’s still something out there for you. Lying only a 40 minute ferry ride from Auckland, Waiheke Island provides the perfect escape from the city. When you get there, take a scenic walk along one of the island’s many trails or embark on a diving or sailing adventure. A benefit of not having to drive is that you can enjoy one or more of the island’s 30 wineries!

If you’re getting tired of city life, it may be time to start thinking about getting the car you’ve always dreamed of, and exploring some of the many incredible sights this country has to offer.

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