Nile river cruise

Holiday Ideas For After Lockdown

Surely the COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone feel like going on a long vacation away from home some days and it is no surprise that everyone is making holiday ideas to enjoy after lockdown. Today we have compiled a few destinations to consider visiting after the lockdown ends.


Norway is the best place to visit, with its endless waterfalls and long fjords, Norway holds the title for the best holiday destination. A beautiful country with irresistible nature that will delight lovers of the wild, hiking and adventure sports. You can enjoy Norway’s beauty in winter with northern lights or in summer in the midnight sun.

Egypt Nile River Cruise

Surely tourism in Egypt started with the Nile river cruise session. A total of 6,853 km make its channel the largest in Africa and the second-largest in the world, just behind the Amazon, which flows north through ten countries. Every minute of sailing is pure enjoyment. In addition, several cruises offer traditional dances, and musical performances are offered onboard, and from its underwater windows, it is possible to have a different perspective of the depths of the river.


Greece is one of those destinations that have everything: history, relaxation, culture, tradition, good food, good weather, and good people. If you want your vacation to be complete, Greece is a great option.


Espoo is the second most important city in Finland, but chances are good that you have never heard of it. It is a booming technology center surrounded by nature and full of museums and live music venues. You can also hike through birch and coniferous forests in the Nuuksio National Park and try to spot the Siberian flying squirrel. Take advantage and escape to one of the 21 beaches that are both in the sea and in the lakes, perfect for swimming, fishing, kayaking, or canoeing.


When you think of finding a ‘paradise island’, Denmark is not the first country that comes to mind. But nevertheless, there are many who know that Bornholm takes the palm for beach and sun in Scandinavia: it is the sunniest place in all of Denmark. Small fishing villages, ancient churches, and remains of fortresses will be an ideal spot for your online memories.


If the beach doesn’t suit you, Ouarzazate in Morocco is your ideal destination. Located in the middle of the desert and famous for its caramel-color mud buildings, it is a delight to visit.

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