Make Your Holiday More Special by Hiring a Vehicle

car rental

When you need to hire a car or van, it pays, literally, to make things easy on yourself. You can do this if you go online and book a vehicle. Just make sure that you are aware of some of the rules for hiring a car before you take this step.

An affordable car rental company in Melksham has certain rules that you must follow if you wish to book a car or van online or by phone. Some of the rules include the following:

  • You must have a driving licence for renting the vehicle. Without any licence, you cannot rent a van or car. Therefore, make sure that you have this endorsement before you make a vehicle selection and hire a car online.
  • You also should have a pre-authorisation deposit on hand of about £250.00 for cars, minibuses, crew cabs, or vans. This type of deposit will be set against your credit or debit card on the hire date. The deposit typically is released by the bank within seven days of returning your rental car. Provided that you have not had an accident, you should have no problems in getting the money returned.

Make sure that you check where you can drive your car or van. Usually, you are limited to the UK. Some drivers mistakenly believe that they can take their cars for travels outside the UK. Therefore, make sure that you know the rules in this regard.

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