Marmaris Historical Tours

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If you are into history so much, and you want to take a look from the gem from the past, you can always participate in the historical tour package around Marmaris. Marmaris is definitely a modern place with a touch of sophistication and perfection. However, the place has its own history where you can learn about the past. Feel free to Marmaris Excursions and explore the ancient buildings or take a look around its historical landmarks if you want to know more about the place.


Although there are many modern resorts in Marmaris, they don’t represent the real Turkish value and culture. Come to the ancient villages and learn about its traditions, culture, and rituals. Not only you can observe the natural and real life of the people, you can also interact with them. The local people are friendly and they like talking to visitors.

This tour is perfect for you if you want to enjoy the peace of the surroundings while escaping the busy and hectic scenery of the city lives. The tour lasts for seven hours, which is pretty enough to allow you enjoy the scenic and natural atmosphere. Besides the pick up and drop off, you can also enjoy nice lunch on the traditional restaurant and have relaxing evening on your way back to your hotel. You can also have a professional guide who is fluent in German, Dutch, and English.


These places are the main attraction in the tour holiday package. You can enjoy various relics from the ancient times – they can’t be found in any museums. You can also see various sculptures, monuments, and many more. Both Ephesus and Pamukkale are wonderful to explore around. The natural white cliff in Pamukkale is just remarkable, and so are the ancient cemeteries and Cleopatra bath. Words can’t describe the beauty and majesty of the places. You will be spending a night, but everything has been covered and included within the tour price.

You will visit Ephesus on the first day. Be prepared to visit cool places like Temple of Artemis. After Ephesus, you will have a break and stay at the provided hotel. You will visit Pamukkale on the next day, most likely visiting the majestic white cliff, the natural hot springs, and even Cleopatra’s pool. You will have a break for lunch, and you should return to Marmaris on the evening, feeling contented and happy. Care to try it?

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