Satisfy Your Pursuit Of Indian History By Visiting The Popular Historical Places In The Country

As tourism in India is growing, backpackers throughout the nation are becoming more adventurous and are trying different destinations and different ways to spend their holidays. India is a big country and history has always been a major aspect of it. It is not just a mere attribute of the country, but an attribute that defines the country and sets it at par from other countries in the world. Historical places are spread all over the country and it might be a good idea to spend your next holiday exploring and discovering these destinations as a visit to them can prove to be an experience that you will cherish for long. Places like Agra, Delhi, and Jaipur are the cities in the country that are known for their long and checkered past and the archaeologically significant monuments that dot these cities. In fact, the three cities together form India’s Golden Triangle Tourism Circuit, which is one of the most popular tourist itineraries in India tourism. There is an excellent rail, road, as well as air connectivity existing between the three cities. Catch an AC bus from Agra to Jaipur via Delhi; there are plenty of tour companies that provide tour services including transportation as well as lodging.

If you are keen to explore the history of India and like to go hopping the historical places, given below are some significant historical sites that are a must-visit!

Kumbhalgarh – Rajasthan : It is situated in the midst of lush dense forests in the district of Rajsamand of Rajasthan state. The parent state, that is Rajasthan in particular is noted for its magnificent royal history and grand palaces, forts, temples, havelis etc. Kumbhalgarh is one of the most illustrated historical places in the state. The site is basically a fortified area still retaining the essence of old world. It belongs to the medieval era and is home to about 360 temples! 300 of these are Jain temples and the rest are Hindu temples. It is a great place to go for a heritage walk, explore the architectural brilliance, and spend some time in tranquility. Another major attraction here is the Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary, which is a rich and big enough protected area home to varied and large fauna and flora.

Tughlaqabad – Delhi : A perfect reference to the history of Delhi, Tughlaqabad is a sightseeing spot that you just cannot miss when in Delhi. What exist here today, are the ruins of medieval era that have an uncanny resemblance to the rubble and remnants of Harappa and Mohenjodaro. Located atop a small piece of land outgrowing from the surrounding land the ruins offer unique views of the region. The techniques applied to build the structures are simply stunning. In a whole the place never fails to captivate the visitors.

Agra Fort – Agra : Situated in the world-famous city of Agra the Agra Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, about 2.5 k.m. from the Taj Mahal. It is a grand structure built up of red sandstone and still in a great state. There are two large gates and tourist are allowed to enter via only one gate which is the Amar Singh Gate. Inside the fort walls there are several buildings, a large courtyard, beautiful mosques, palaces and others. Every single structure is beautiful and captivates onlookers at first sight.