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Doctors usually mention to take a vacation to take stress off. With the cost associated with vacation, it would become stressful to handle a vacation and the bills that come after it. Have you ever wondered about exploring India without putting a deep dent in your wallet? With the right planning and right destination, this is not just a dream. Travelling and enjoying India could be planned to be very cheap. Here are the top places to visit in India is a low budget.


Kasol is a hidden gem for those who love cliché hill town vacation. The food and accommodation in this region is very cheap. Raising above sea level with forested green mountains, this hill along Parvati River is one of the best getaway destination of Himachal Pradesh. For those looking for a quaint time with nature and beauty, it is a silent little hill village filled with local shops, exotic guesthouses and party spots heating up by nighttime.


Pondicherry is the remaining essence of French culture in India. This aesthetic Gallic town is famous among spiritual travelers for rejuvenation, meditation and much. The iconic attraction is the Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville. This bohemian city is also bordered with beaches for those who love some outdoor time. This colonial destination is a fabulous low-budget destination with low-to-nothing ashram stay, cheap booze, simple vegetarian food and cycle transportation around the city.


You might be surprised to see a royal city of Rajasthan in this list. The façade of royalty can be enjoyed with a lighter budget too. Of course, you should not plan a palace stay or a royal feast. You can find cheap and easy guestrooms and hotels around the city. There are numerous local transportations to cover all the forts, architectural beauties and other tourism activities. Buzzing auto rickshaws throughout the city and the simple bazaars will help you keep your budget within control. A heritage walk around the monuments would be a good evening activity to enjoy in Jaipur.


If you are planning to enjoy a luxury styled hill station time within your budget, Yercaud would be a good getaway in South India. This former English colony is famous for plantations, splendid nature, gardens, colonial structures and much more. You can easily find a good low budget spot to curl up, nice picnic spots and decent hotels. Yercaud is not the stunning Eastern Ghat destinations within budget.


The spiritual capital of the country, Varanasi is one of the seven holy cities of the world. The sightseeing option is endless and cost-less. All the temples and rituals are open for free. There are a few historic structures and the crystal beauty River Ganges for enjoying activities. A few Mutts are open for free for tourists. On the other hand, you can also find low-budget hotel rooms for stay. If time permits, you can take a road trip to Sarnath, closer to Varanasi.

Before you plan on a low-budget vacation, you need to surf about the destination to know about the available levels of accommodation, cheapest mode of transportation to the city and within the city and restaurants to choose and soon on. Many tour service providers offer group tour India packages, which would reduce your overall vacation cost. The season also matters. Choosing the peak tourism season can increase the cost of every element of your vacation. All the cities mentioned above are at prime beauty throughout the year. Thus, avoid winter season to get better deals. Pre-booking tickets and services can also provide considerable cost reduction or discounts.a

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