Tourism Tips on Things You Should Avoid Doing in Japan

tourism in japan

Before reaching Japan, it is important to understand that you should follow the social rules that tend to be different from the ones we grew up in. Some people tend to visit Japan with an idea to learn about the history and culture of the country.

However, even if you know a few things about the culture, you need to get used to social customs that are common in this particular country.

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It is vital to avoid some everyday things that we tend to do in our own countries. Stay with us to learn about things that you should avoid when visiting Japan.

Restaurant Rules

Most people that first time visited Japan do not realize the uniqueness that comes with their cuisine. At the same time, you need to prepare yourself for the restaurant atmosphere that you should follow along the way.

  • Food Service – In the USA and other Western countries, the main idea is for everyone to order a meal, and everyone will get it at the same time. However, things are different in Japan, because they consider the service way more different than others. They tend to make dishes as fresh as possible, and they will bring it to your table as soon as it gets finished. It means that meals will come at different times. Do not worry because this is the common thing, and in some cases, you may finish your meal when the one for your friend arrives.
  • Do Not Pay The Bill At The Table – The common thing is that when you finish with everything, you should avoid leaving the money bill at the table and leaving because that is not a common situation. Instead, the payment tends to happen next to a register. You should avoid waiting for a waiter to come and pick up the bill, and instead, get up and go to the register to pay for everything accordingly.
  • Avoid Tipping – This is something that you should completely forget while in Japan. Even though you have probably heard that in Japan, tipping is considered rude, by doing so, you are going to offend the staff. Remember that if you leave more than you should, they will chase you to return the smallest amount, which is something you should remember.

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Shopping Rules

When it comes to shopping, you should remember to avoid these mistakes when you are doing it:

  • Bring Cash – The worst thing that you can do is to assume that you can use debit card payments everywhere you go. That is the main reason why you should prepare beforehand with the cash so that you can avoid problems that may happen. Some places will accept card payment, but you should avoid the problems that may happen while shopping at the stores. Instead of relying on cards, you should rely on the cash you have and use it for shopping purposes.
  • Stay Polite – It is vital to stay polite and avoid attempts to communicate with lousy language unless you are 100% certain that you know how to do it. Generally, Japanese people are quiet in most situations, but when you visit the store or shop, you will notice something like “Irasshaimase,” which means welcome.

Train Rules

  • Avoid Waiting For Less Crowded Train – Waiting for the less crowded train is the common mistake people tend to make. Remember that the chances are high that the next train will still feature plenty of people and be even more crowded than the one you wanted to enter beforehand. Therefore, if you can enter inside, it means that you should do it because that way you will be able to reach your destination in no time.
  • Avoid Talking Loudly and Laughing –Japan is one of the most exciting countries you can visit, but avoid causing a commotion on the train because it is considered rude. From time to time, you will hear loud teens that had too much to drink, but generally, to avoid problems and looks, you should try to be as silent as possible while on the train. Remember that it is not a place for socialization.

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Visiting a completely different culture comes with prior understanding, which is why you should follow the unwritten rules that will bring you more enjoyment than before.

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