Travel Tips: How To Plan A Last Minute Weekend Holiday


It is true that planned vacations are exciting but again, it is also true that unplanned vacations are thrilling. It’s like you are sitting in your office cabin and looking for some flight deals and next day you are sitting on a beachside somewhere else. It really feels awesome.

So for all those impulsive people out, here I am sharing some tips that will help you to plan an unplanned weekend getaway.


Be open to options when you are looking for a place to go on a vacation. It can be anywhere. You may get an idea from your friend or from an article or from the social media sites or even from a poster on the roadside. Sometimes a better deal on flights and hotels like promo codes for Last Minute may be convincing too.

In case you are low on budget, plan to go somewhere near your home. It does not make sense to travel far away places and just spend all the time on travelling, when you are tight on budget. You will not be able to enjoy the trip. So better check out places near you like some place in the nearby city. Last option is to stay in your city itself and explore it from one end to another.


When it comes to a vacation, everyone gets excited. So please don’t show this excitement while making a booking. Check deals for flight and hotels at different sites. Spend some time on the comparison site and see which deal is good. A little bit of research will help you to save a lot of money.

There are many websites that provide last minute deals and promo codes, so you can opt for them too. The deals may be on rooms or car rental or some other services. Most of the hotels have the tendency to fill up the inventory at the last moment, so if you look for rooms at that time, you are sure to find some good deals.


Many a time, planning for just two days may not be enough and the whole trip may turn out to be hectic. So better call your office and take a sick leave to enjoy one more day. Moreover, getting an extra day means you will be having a day more to relax that too without any travel. You can even plan some more activities on your trip for that additional day.


The main motive of a weekend trip is to keep things simple and yet enjoy your holiday. So in case, your trip planning involves just itineraries, luggage, price deals then better stop there. Plan your trip again. Remember that it is a weekend trip and so it should be finalized in a couple of hours.

So follow these tips and escape this weekend for a holiday. Weekend holidays are really amazing but the hard part is to be back on your desk.


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