Treat Yourself: Book the Luxury Hotel


When planning trips, many people try to save money by staying in hotels that are less expensive. While this can save you money in the long run, there are a number of reasons that staying in a luxury hotel is worth the added cost.

Enjoy the Value

A luxury hotel is more than just a place to sleep at night while you are away from home. It can be filled with amenities that make your trip truly enjoyable. The hotel staff is all there to make your visit memorable and to make sure that you are getting a great experience. From personalised champagne for a honeymoon or a cake for your child’s birthday, 5 star luxury hotels go out of their way to give you great value for your money.

Great Sleep

All hotels and even motels promise a place to sleep but they don’t all offer what you need to have a really great night’s sleep. New mattresses, heavy-duty curtains to block out the sun, and air conditioning are all important to getting great rest. When you book with a 5 star hotel, you can rest easy knowing that your bed will be comfortable, you can get extra pillows if you want them, and you won’t be disturbed while you’re sleeping even if it’s a nap in the middle of the day.

Enjoyable Amenities

In addition to in-room amenities, luxury hotels do everything they can to make your whole stay as enjoyable as possible. From heated swimming pools so that you can swim year-round to a music venue at the hotel, you’ll always find something to do when you have down time. It won’t matter if your day activities get cancelled as you can always find something fun to do on site when staying at a luxury hotel.

Great Service

Luxury hotels spend a lot of time and money hiring and training their staff to ensure that their guests have the best experience possible when they stay the night. Staff should be able to anticipate the needs of their guests, not just respond to requests. This means taking care of laundry if it is left on the floor, providing entertainment for antsy children, and even fixing broken glasses or luggage without being asked.

Staying at a luxury hotel is one way to guarantee that you have a great vacation experience. There is a world of difference between a 5 star hotel and your average hotel and the only way to see how wonderful it can be to sleep away from home is to make the reservation. You’ll see why so many travellers will only stay at luxury hotels; they offer the comfort of home with an amazing staff that will do everything possible to make your trip memorable.

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